Determine Your Wholesale Market at the Atlanta Wholesalers Group on June 16, 2015

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Tue, June 16th @ 7:00PM in Sandy Springs, GA
The Atlanta Wholesalers Group
Do You Need a Huge Market to Wholesale Successfully?
Not if You are This Guy…

with Special Guest, Rodrigo Afanador
June 16th, 7PM, Hudson Grille
6317 Roswell Rd, Sandy Springs, GA

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Rodrigo AfanadorHere in Atlanta, we are blessed to have more opportunities to do deals than most places. With a population of more than 5 million, opportunity lies everywhere. However, it is extremely difficult to actually DO deals everywhere. So, we take our maps and carve out our small areas. Those small areas still easily have a population of a couple hundred thousand people though.

What if you could leverage the knowledge of someone who is doing deals consistently with a target area of under 20,000 people? Rodrigo Afanador does just that and is very excited to share with us this month at the Atlanta Wholesalers group meeting on Tuesday, June 16th.

Rodrigo is a good friend of mine and does his wholesaling in Asheville, North Carolina. While Asheville has 80,000 people compared to Atlanta’s 5M+, Rodrigo still takes his target market down to around 15,000 – 20,000 people for 80-90% of his business. He is also a newer investor who hasn’t been doing this for too terribly long, but has gone full time now and is creating his own success story each and every day.

Rodrigo has a valuable story because each and every one of us can relate to at least some part of it. We all were new investors at one point or may still be a newer investor and he has taken the plunge into doing this full time like so many of us also have or hopefully plan to be able to do.

I know that you will learn a great amount of information from hearing Rodrigo speak with us about how he gets his business done in a market where most people would say “there aren’t enough houses to find deals.” His knowledge is abundant. His story is inspirational. And his efforts are greatly rewarding.

You won’t want to miss Rodrigo share his story and learn his tricks for success. Come ready to do business while you are here as well.

My name is Frank Iglesias. Come join us on Tuesday, June 16th at 7PM at the Hudson Grille located at 6317 Roswell Rd in Sandy Springs as we network, do what is now our standard deal analysis at every meeting and then we will dive into our topic for the evening! See you there!

Atlanta REIA Membes Please RSVP on

Atlanta REIA Members & Guests, Please RSVP on

if you have a meetup account. Non-Members can also attend at No Charge

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Atlanta Wholesalers GroupThis Atlanta Wholesalers group is primarily for wholesalers who are serious about the business and not just “trying” Real Estate out. Frank started this group to work with other wholesalers who are serious about building their business using the utmost of honesty and integrity. We are looking forward to exploring how we can grow together in our local market. We hope you will join us!

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