Creative Deal Making – The Keys and Tools to Structure Winning Deals in 2012

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Imagine taking any sales lead you get and creating a winning deal out of it. Making thousands of dollars where you thought there were none. No more wasted marketing dollars. No more wasted phone calls. That used to be just a dream. But not anymore.

Don DeRosaJoin Don DeRosa at the Creative Deal Structuring Group meeting on May 2nd at 7PM at the Whitehall Tavern (formerly the Cheyenne Grill) located at 2391 Peachtree Rd NE in Atlanta, GA as he shares with you his Real Estate Insider Secrets and the state-of-the-art tools he uses to evaluate deals and make them work – for him and for the seller.

As Don unveils his Insider Secrets, he’ll share with you the buying and selling strategies that are working for him right now, in 2012. Yes, he’ll show you the secret tools he uses to create profitable deals, even when there appears to be nothing there to work with. You’ll have abundance of deals to choose from! Plus he’ll show you how he gets the information to evaluate a deal, wherever is he, so you’ll never waste time with leads you shouldn’t spend time on and beat other investors to the most profitable deals.

Don will walk through real world examples, actual deals, to demonstrate step-by-step how to apply these “secrets” and tools. In fact, bring your deals, and he’ll show you exactly how to evaluate the lead, determine your exit strategy, structure the deal, negotiate with the seller, and get the paperwork done almost instantly and without any of the hard work you normally do to get your deals done.

By the end of the presentation, you’ll know…

  • How to evaluate any lead and decide whether this is a winner for you and how much money you’ll make before you make your offer
  • How to combine buying strategies and exit strategies – that work right now, in 2012 – to effortlessly make a deal work you
  • The Secret to creating passive income deals of $350 + per month without any of your own money and with NO management on your part.
  • How to structure a deal in less than 10 minutes, so that you make a minimum of $20,000 on it, choosing from multiple strategies
  • How to become a “mindreader,” to find exactly what the seller’s hot buttons are so you can craft a deal the seller is dying to take
  • How to use Don’s Green means ‘GO’, Red means ‘NO’ tools to negotiate for you, so you never let your emotions talk you into making a bad deal!

Once you are armed with Don’s “Insider Secrets” and the tools he uses every day, you will be able to make 2012 the year you have only dreamed of…starting today!!

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