Change Your Thinking and Change Your Life at Atlanta REIA West

Posted on August 22, 2011 by

Catherine McFarlandTONIGHT, Monday, August 22nd at 6:30 PM at the Altanta REIA West Monthly Meeting taking place at the Cherokee Cattle Company Restaurant in Marietta, Catherine McFarland will share with us easy to use, day-by-day steps to change our way of thinking. As humans, we tend to become what we think about and focus upon on a daily basis. Some of our negative thinking, including overcoming fears, feelings of not being good enough, not deserving the best life has to offer, defeatist attitudes, etc, can really hold us back.

The Law of Attraction really does work and the universe gives us exactly what we ask for whether it is negative or positive. Learn to ask for what you really want with simple, easy to use techniques that really work. The most powerful thing that changes our lives is not money, bulked up muscles, or super heroes… it is our brains and the thoughts we put into them. You’ve probably heard it said, “Garbage in, garbage out, garbage sticks!” It’s a vital part of our success to master our own thoughts on a daily basis. Whether we think you are setting your goals or not… we are, by simple thoughts, negative or positive, affecting what we become and the outcome of our lives. Join us at the meeting tonight and bring an open mind and something to take lots of notes to hear this life changing presentation.

Catherine has studied for years with the top mentors in the country. She attributes her success to being able to live by these principles. She was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but in the east Tennessee mountains to a family that was dirt poor, with an alcoholic father in a one room shack. Since then, she has done millions of dollars in real estate transactions, traveled to places she only dreamed of, and is living life to its fullest. Catherine says “If I can be successful and happy, ANYONE can!” Catherine guarantees you will leave this presentation with tools you can use, right now to change your thinking and change your life!


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