The Beginning Investors Group Has a Record Turnout in January 2014

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The Beginning Investors Group is Getting BIG! We Had 116+ Investors at Our January Meeting!

Beginning Investors GroupYes, you read that right, 116+ people gathered together at January’s BIG meeting for a record turnout. We listened to an action oriented, powerful presentation made by William Crowley on Credit Restoration. William informed us of a lot of points that many of us did not know about our credit reports and history. He delivered his 4 step system to restore credit and facts about the UCC code. William touched a nerve that a lot of us have… Many of us are slaves to debt and our credit history. William is driven by his passion to help us break those chains of credit slavery.

Bernard Lawson and Ester WalkerWe also expanded our meeting agenda. We have started a “First Deal” segment, where we will highlight members as they do their first deals. Congratulations to Bernard Lawson and his partner Esther Walker of BE Property Investors LLC for taking the “leap of faith” and getting into the game. Congratulations to Jason Baines too who did his first “subject to” deal. If you are a first time investor and a regular attendee of our meeting, we want to hear about your first deal!

Mike Cherwenka of Goldmine PropertiesMike Cherwenka of Goldmine Properties also spoke about the in’s and out’s of Wholesaling during his long real estate investing career. Rock Shukoor also taught us “How to Wholesale Like A Pro” during Late Nite Networking.

Dustin Griffin also spoke on the benefits of having an Atlanta REIA membership and updated us on some of the exciting new subgroups that Atlanta REIA is forming now. He also updated us on how our members can participate in the new DIY Network TV Show called “First Time Flippers”. If you want to know more details, just go to First Time Flippers. The information is free, just place the order to download the information.

Also, our own Mr.Tycoon and Francisco Luque each won a Bahama Cruise courtesy of Atlanta REIA. Congratulations to you both. Be sure to come back after your cruise and tell us about it and bring lots of pictures!

Rock ShukoorYou don’t want to miss February’s BIG Meeting on Monday, February 17th at the Hudson Grille. Bill Ham will be our main presenter. Bill created a portfolio of nearly 400 units in Macon, GA using creative seller financing. Bill is someone that new investors do NOT want to miss! We will also be doing Buyer/Seller Role Playing during Late Nite Networking to practice what to do and say in various real estate transactions. There will be more prize giveaways to win, and valuable information geared toward giving you, the first time investor, the tools needed to succeed.

Take action, register early and Reserve Your Seat NOW!

Atlanta REIA members can attend at NO CHARGE. Non Members can RSVP online for $15/person or pay $20/person at the door.

Now get out there and talk to sellers!

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