Atlanta REIA South Meets on May 6, 2015 with Attorney Robert Witcher

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Wed, May 6th @ 6PM – College Park, GA
Atlanta REIA South &
The Multi-Family Investing Group
Focus on the Deal, Focus on the Details
with Attorney Robert “Bob” Witcher
May 6th at 6PM, 3707 Main Street, College Park, GA

Robert WitcherWe are pleased to announce that Attorney Robert “Bob” Witcher will be our special guest speaker this month at the Atlanta REIA South monthly meeting. The meeting will be co-hosted with the Multi-Family Commercial Investing Group and will be held on Wednesday, May 6th at 6PM at Club E Atlanta located at 3707 Main Street in College Park, GA. Bob will be teaching us about understanding the details that can make you money vs details that can cost you money.

As a real estate attorney, Bob has just about seen it all. He knows the ins and outs of what it takes to make a successful real estate transaction happen. Even the most seasoned investor can get comfortable with real estate transactions and may get sloppy with the details from time to time, which in turn can hurt your wallet.

Even if you have been around the closing table a few times, you won’t want to miss Bob as he shares examples of events that he sees in his practice on a regular basis. He will share with you some obvious, avoidable mistakes that he has seen made by newer and experienced investors alike.

Wouldn’t you rather learn from others mistakes instead of making them yourself and collecting smaller checks? If you will be just a little more precise with the details that Bob will teach you about, you will be able to walk away from the closing table with LARGER checks!

This presentation will be equally great for beginning and experienced investors. This will also be a great opportunity for investor who have only worked with Single Family Residences to get a glimpse at the exciting world of Multi-Family and Commercial Investing.

At the meeting you will learn…

  • Details that can derail or delay a closing
  • Why you should read the schedules in the title policy
  • Common mistakes that can cost you dearly
  • What happens to a tenant in a foreclosure
  • How a good attorney can protect your interests and make you more money
  • And Much, Much More!

Bob Witcher is a seasoned attorney with a long standing client base of investors and private lenders. Over the years, Bob has represented clients in a wide variety of situations impacting investors. His presentation “Focus on the Deal, Focus on the Details” will draw from his real world experiences working with investors on a daily basis.

The Atlanta REIA South monthly meeting, led by Reggie Jackson and Gordon Catts, is held on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 6PM at Club E Atlanta located at 3707 Main Street, College Park, GA.

The Multi Family Investing Focus Group Meeting, led by Carla Gamper and Gordon Catts has NEW Date, Time and Meeting location. The group will be meeting on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 6PM at Club E Atlanta located at 3707 Main Street, College Park, GA.

There is currently a $15 cover charge for everyone who attends the meeting which is payable at the door and includes a light meal. Get there at 6:00PM to eat and network before the meeting begins. There will be lots of learning and lots of networking. Make sure to bring your deals and your haves, wants, and needs to the meeting. See you there!

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