Anatomy of Creative Financing Deal Structures at the All Inclusive Marketing Group

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Wed, Oct. 14th @ 7:00PM – Hudson Grille, Sandy Springs, GA
All Inclusive Marketing (AIM) Group
Anatomy of Creative Financing Deal Structures
with Russ Hiner
Oct. 14th, 7:00PM, Hudson Grille, Sandy Springs, GA
Atlanta REIA Members Can Attend at No Charge.
Guests Pay $15 Online or $20 at the Door. RSVP Now!

Atlanta REIA Members Please RSVP on
Atlanta REIA Members Please RSVP on

Russ HinerOur next All Inclusive Marketing (AIM) Group Meeting is Wednesday, October 14th at 7:00PM at the Hudson Grille located at 6317 Roswell Rd in Sandy Springs.

Let me ask you a couple of questions:

  • How many leads are you getting a month or a week?
  • Of those leads, what is your closing ration?
  • How many of them do you end up buying?
  • Are you using creative financing to close a high number of those leads?
  • Are you turning most of those leads into profitable deals?

If the answer is NO to any of the last two questions above, this meeting is for you.

If the answer is yes, and you want to improve the number of deals you want to do or just improve the quality of your life, then this meeting is for you, too.

My very close friend, Russ Hiner is going to share a few great ideas and creative methods to do more deal with the existing leads and of course will help you learn where to get tons of new ones as well.

Below are a few things he can share with us:

  • Learning when and where to creatively finance a real estate deal
  • Why is it important to know more than one way to buy a house?
  • Learn ways to construct a deal on a house you never own
  • Learn the clauses you should use in the notes when you buy or give to sellers
  • Learn a clever ways to make money selling the “rights to use!”
  • You will have 5 new tools which will work in this market to make you more money!
  • You will lean how money works and how to do a deal properly in order to make more money and make money without money
  • Learn how to present your offer to get the deal done quick and in a profitable manner
  • Learn the easy to do techniques and the ones that are very complicated as well
  • Making offers will become easy and simple!
  • And much, much more…

Learning how to creatively make offers and becoming a transaction engineer is a must for seasoned and new investors! Find out what are the latest techniques in buying an selling and real estate in general in a fast moving market like ours.

If you could learn how to structure one deal and save yourself $10,000, would you go to that event and pay attention?

I know I would and I will be there.

Members of any REIA are free, non-members $20 at the door.

We will meet on Wednesday, October 14th at the Hudson Grille, at 7PM. Get there early at 6:30 to order your food and drink.

EARLY BIRD BONUS: I believe in rewarding action takers and entrepreneurs that are willing to do what it takes in order to change their lives or have the desire to get better at what they are already doing. Therefore, I will offer some bonuses. As a special bonus this month for all “early birds,” I am offering the following:

Rock's Book

  1. A digital copy of my book, “Extraordinary Results by Ordinary Investors”
  2. A trip for 2
  3. The first 2 attendees will get a copy of Bill Glazer’s “Outrageous Advertising That is Outrageously Successful”

This is a must attend event! We will meet at our usual location at the Hudson Grille at 7:00PM and be there until 9:00PM and then hang out and have our Late Nite Networking. I look forward to seeing you at the meeting!


Atlanta REIA Members Please RSVP on
Atlanta REIA Members Please RSVP on

AIM Meeting Agenda*
6:30PM: Arrival, Seating, Ordering Food & Networking
7:00PM: Welcome, Introductions & Announcements
7:30PM: Main Presentation with Russ Hiner
8:30PM: Meeting Wrap Up
9:00PM: Late Nite Networking for Real Estate Investors & Marketers

*Please Note: AIM Meeting agenda is subject to change.

Late Nite Networking After AIM Meeting

Late Nite NetworkingAfter the conclusion of our All Inclusive Marketing Meeting, we will be hanging out at the Hudson Grille for “Late Nite Networking” to socialize and build stronger bonds. So come and join us for the AIM Meeting and be prepared to stay late and network and have fun with like minded real estate investors, marketers and other professionals late into the evening!

About the All Inclusive Marketing (AIM) Group

All Inclusive MarketingThe Atlanta REIA All Inclusive Marketing (AIM) Group (formerly known as the “I Love Marketing” group) is a new networking and educational meeting led by Rock Shukoor for like-minded real estate investors and small business owners who enjoy marketing and are interested in taking their business to the next level through creative marketing techniques.

AIM is for people who want to get together, learn and discuss marketing challenges, strategies and opportunities. Although many of the examples we cover at the meetings will be geared towards real estate investors, the techniques and strategies learned can easily be applied to any business. AIM now meets on a new date on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:00PM at the Hudson Grille located at 6317 Roswell Rd in Sandy Springs.


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