All About Direct Mail Marketing at AIM on July 14th

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Mon, July 14th @ 7PM – Hudson Grille, Sandy Springs, GA
All Inclusive Marketing (AIM) Group
Is Direct Mail Marketing Dead???
with Rock Shukoor on July 14th
at Hudson Grille, Sandy Springs, GA
Atlanta REIA Members & Guests Can Attend This Month at No Charge!

Rock ShukoorIs Direct Mail Marketing Dead? To find out more and find out the truth about direct mail and why it is not working for many people, join us at the All Inclusive Marketing (AIM) Group on Monday, July 14th at 7:00 PM at the Hudson Grille located at 6317 Roswell Rd in Sandy Springs.

Rock says “In this meeting I will be sharing my experience with Direct Mail and I will show you some examples of what you can do to get a very high response rate. I have had up to 13% response rate from my pre-foreclosure campaigns and some other campaigns I have put together. The market is changing and it is almost a sellers market now. You, as a real estate investor must know how to find deals. In a buyers market that skill is not that important as deals are everywhere. When you are in a sellers market, you must have this skill, otherwise you will always be at the mercy of other investors like myself who can find deals. I will explain the whole process, the small but vital details, bring samples of some of my most successful campaigns, and most of all, how to automate it.”

Rock will teach you…

  • What to do to get your mail open
  • How to cut trough the clutter
  • How to stand out and beat your competition
  • How to get up to 13% response rate
  • What bonuses to offer
  • What to do to make your phone ring after the mail is opened
  • What market to choose
  • How many pieces of mail to send out per person
  • What is the magic number in direct mail
  • Where to get the list from
  • And much, much more

We will also hanging out after the meeting to socialize and build stronger bond. Come join us!

Rock's BookBONUSES FOR ATTENDING: Rock has some special bonuses for all those who show up early or on time: (1) a digital copy of his book, “Extraordinary Results by Ordinary Investors”, (2) a digital copy of his book, “Go Mobile Now Or Die!” and (3) a 30 point marketing audit of your business ($250 value).

Late Nite Networking After AIM Meeting

Late Nite NetworkingAfter the conclusion of our All Inclusive Marketing Meeting, we will be hanging out a the Hudson Grill for “Late Nite Networking” to socialize and build stronger bond. So come and join us for the AIM Meeting and be prepared to stay late and network and have fun with like minded real estate investors, marketers and other professionals late into the evening!

About the All Inclusive Marketing (AIM) Group

All Inclusive MarketingThe Atlanta REIA All Inclusive Marketing (AIM) Group (formerly known as the “I Love Marketing” group) is a new networking and educational meeting led by Rock Shukoor and Dustin Griffin for like-minded real estate investors and small business owners who enjoy marketing and are interested in taking their business to the next level through creative marketing techniques.

Rock Shukoor & Dustin GriffinAIM is for people who want to want to get together, learn and discuss marketing challenges, strategies and opportunities. Although many of the examples we cover at the meetings will be geared towards real estate investors, the techniques and strategies learned can easily be applied to any business. AIM meets on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Hudson Grille located at 6317 Roswell Rd in Sandy Springs.

AIM Meeting Agenda*
7:00 pm: Arrival, Seating, Ordering Food & Networking
7:30 pm: Welcome, Introductions &Announcements
8:00 pm: Main Presentation with Guest Speaker
9:00 pm: Meeting Wrap Up
9:30 pm: Late Nite Networking for Real Estate Investors & Marketers

*Please Note: AIM Meeting agenda is subject to change.

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