Stefan Kasian

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Stefan KasianDr. Stefan Kasian is a Professor of Psychology, published author, and international public speaker.

After a brief stint on Wall Street, he has directed several companies to buy, sell, and manage residential and commercial real estate investments. He has published dozens of articles and several books, including Auction Fever: Winning Strategies to Buy, Sell and Rent Real Estate which he co-authored with New York Times best-selling author Dr. Dolf de Roos, and Dream homes: When dreams seem to predict real estate sales, in which he interviewed ten individuals who experienced prophetic dreams that led to their subsequent acquisition of real estate.

In his upcoming book, Kasian proposes the greater use of intuition along with other spiritual traditions and subtle ways of knowing to enhance one’s real estate results.

Serving as a faculty member in Psychology at Akamai University, in Hilo, Hawaii, Kasian teaches internationally and mentors adult students in various countries in earning doctoral degrees in psychology. Kasian’s work in “Applied Transpersonal Psychology” includes teaching and investigating extraordinary and anomalous human experiences, consciousness and dream studies, tantra and sexology, mind-body medicine and regeneration.

As a speaker Kasian has addressed hundreds at a time national real estate seminars and shared the stage with other best-selling authors and media-acclaimed individuals. He has traveled extensively and speaks internationally at various conferences and workshops.


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