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Monday, April 23rd at 6:00 PM in Savannah, GA
Savannah Real Estate Investors Alliance
Next Meeting on April 23rd at 6 PM
Hosted by Kristin Mack & Aislee Jackson

Kristin Mack & Aislee JacksonAtlanta REIA is excited to team up with Kristin Mack and Aislee Jackson to start the Savannah Real Estate Investors Alliance (Savannah REIA) down in Savannah, Georgia. Savannah REIA will be meeting on the 4th Monday of each month at 6:00 PM at Barnes Restaurant located at 5320 Waters Avenue in Savannah, GA. Savannah REIA’s next meeting is on Monday, April 23rd at 6:00 PM.

Savannah REIA Email ListJoin the Savannah REIA Email List
If you are interested in being a part of Savannah Real Estate Investors Alliance, investing in Savannah or just want more information on our new REIA, be sure to Join Savannah REIA’s Email List so you can stay informed on any upcoming meetings and events as they develop.

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Also, be sure to Like Savannah REIA on Facebook where we will also be posting any upcoming meetings, events and other useful information. You can also interact with our Facebook page and post your have’s and wants as well.

Thursday, April 12th @ 7 PM in Cartersville, GA
North Georgia REIA Meeting
with Pete Fortunato & Dyches Boddiford
Atlanta REIA Members Can Attend at NO CHARGE!

Atlanta REIA Members,

Peter Fortunato and Dyches BoddifordYou are invited to this month’s North Georgia REIA Meeting at NO CHARGE! Just present your valid Atlanta REIA Membership Card at the door and get in for FREE! Get ready for our BEST North Georgia REIA Meeting EVER! Pete Fortunato and Dyches Boddiford will be our very special guest speakers!

MEETING TOPIC: 8 Benefits of a Deal


NEW MEETING LOCATION: Our new home is the beautiful Hilton Garden Inn in Cartersville, Georgia, at Exit #288 (Main Street) off I-75. (See Map)

ALSO, A SATURDAY SEMINAR: Pete, Dyches and I will be doing a full-day seminar called “What Box?” on Saturday, April 14th from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., in Cartersville GA. Only 80 seats are available. First 40 people who register get an invite to a one-of-a-kind cookout lunch along with Pete and Dyches to be held on Friday, April 13th from 11 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. around the camp fire at our horse ranch in Adairsville, GA! Read More→


WHEN: Thursday, April 12, 2012, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

WHERE: Hilton Garden Inn, Cartersville Georgia (map), Exit 288 off I-75

COST: Atlanta REIA Members can attend for FREE with valid membership card

MEETING TOPIC: How to Use Pete Fortunato’s 8 Transactional Benefits to Structure a Deal!

GUEST SPEAKERS: Pete Fortunato and Dyches Boddiford

Peter Fortunato and Dyches Boddiford“Pete Fortunato and Dyches Boddiford are our two favorite real estate investing teachers on earth. They have been our teachers since the late 1990’s. No one else has the know-how or experience to construct creative win-win deals like Pete and Dyches! At our first Pete seminar in 1999, he flashed a diagram of a house up on the screen. The reason this house was different was that each room represented one of the eight transactional benefits of a real estate investing deal. The eight benefits are: Growth, Income, Amortization, Profits, Management, Security, Tax Benefits and Use. Hope to see you there!” Bill & Kim Cook

Mon, April 2nd @ 3:00 PM – Total Wine & More Atlanta
The “Meeting-Before-the-Meeting”
with John Mangham on 1031 Exchanges

John ManghamPlease join us as we host the “1031 Guy”, John Mangham at our “Meeting-Before-The-Meeting” on April 2nd at 3:00 PM in a private meeting room at Total Wine & More located at 124 Perimeter Center W (see map), just across down the street from where we meet for the Main Atlanta Meeting. John is a CPA and a real estate broker but most importantly he’s been an active investor for over 3 decades. During the past 3 years, John and his partners have bought over 120 houses!

On Monday, John will take us through Essential Elements of a 1031 Exchange transaction and walk through the steps of a successful exchange transaction. In addition, John will help you evaluate what kind of investor you are and provide suggestions to maximize your investing efforts. 1031 topics include: Financial Benefit of an Exchange, Balancing an Exchange, Opportunities with Like Kind Property, Timing in an Exchange, and Your Role in a Successful Exchange. He’ll also share several scenarios to illustrate how to structure your own deals for maximum tax deferral!

Total Wine & MoreAt 5:00 PM, Total Wine & More will be offering a complimentary wine tasting to all those who attend our meeting and wish to participate. There is NO CHARGE to attend this meeting or the wine tasting for Atlanta REIA Members and guests. Thanks Total Wine & More!

Mon, April 2nd @ 5:30 PM – Atlanta Perimeter Hotel & Suites
Atlanta REIA Main Meeting with
Robert Shemin & Other Special Guests
Atlanta REIA Members Can Attend at No Charge
Guests Can RSVP Online for $10 or pay $20 at the Door

Robert SheminHave you ever gone to a class reunion where the “least likely to succeed” showed up in the fanciest car, wearing the most expensive suit, flashing the latest Rolex, and wondered, “How come that idiot’s rich and I’m not?” Bestselling author, wealth expert, and multimillionaire real estate investor, Robert Shemin, became that “Rich Idiot”. Robert is an active investor who has been involved in more than 1,000 deals. He became a millionaire by investing in real estate by the age of 32. He has a law degree and an MBA from Emory University.

On Monday, April 2nd, Robert is going to teach our members and guests how they too can become “Rich Idiots” by turning their thinking upside down, unlearning the things that keep them from making money, and instituting a three-part, wealth building plan based on buying real estate, investing in stocks and bonds, and starting a business. Robert is going to show you what will make you a fortune in today’s market If you really want to make more money in your real estate business than you ever have before, don’t miss this value-packed meeting.

Come hear Robert speak and he will cover:

  • What Makes a Successful investor!
  • The 7 Best Ways to find a Motivated Seller in Today’s Market.
  • How to Analyze Any Deal in 20 Minutes or Less.
  • Discover How to Analyze Which is the Best Profit Process for You!
  • Learn the 3 Best Ways TO Get Money in Today’s Market.
  • How to Locate and obtain Multiple Sources of Money.
  • How to Vertically Integrate Your Profits.
Living the Significant Life: 12 Principles for Making a Difference


As a special bonus gift, Robert has generously agreed to give everyone attending Atlanta REIA’s Main Meeting on Monday, April 2nd a digital copy of his book “The Little Book of Questions” as well as his brand new book entitled “Living the Significant Life: 12 Principles for Making a Difference”. Thanks Robert!!!

How Come That Idiot's Rich and I'm Not?Robert will also be teaching a Full-Day “7 Keys to Making a Fortune in Real Estate!” Wealth Training Workshop on Saturday, April 7th. The first 20 people to register for this Wealth Training Workshop will receive a hard copy of his Wall Street Journal Best-Selling book “How Come That Idiot’s Rich and I’m Not?” The next 20 people who register will receive a paperback copy of the same book. The early registration price is $10 for Gold Members, $20 for Silver Members and $30 for guests. This price is good for 2 people. Register now while seats and supplies last! Read More→


Robert SheminJUST ANNOUNCED: You may recall that Robert Shemin dropped by one of our Atlanta REIA Meetings last fall while he was in town. The good news is that Robert is coming back to our Atlanta REIA Main Meeting on April 2nd as our main guest speaker for the month! For those of you who don’t know Robert, he is a best selling author of 16 books, a wealth expert, and a multimillionaire real estate expert. Robert will also be back in Atlanta on April 7th for a full day workshop with Atlanta REIA. More details will be posted soon!


Doug ShaddixThis month on Monday, March 26 at 6:30 PM, at the Atlanta REIA West Subgroup*, we have an incredible opportunity for you to learn the basics of asset protection from one of the country’s foremost experts on the subject!  We are very proud to host Atlanta’s own Attorney Doug Shaddix, founder of Wealth Preservation Solutions, LLC. which specializes in helping clients avoid probate, minimize their tax burden, and maximize their privacy by utilizing trusts and entities that assist you in your asset protection. Attorney Shaddix will be sharing his knowledge and expertise on this very timely and important subject.  Why is this so important? Here’s why…

If you have significant assets of any type, you are a target for a lawsuit.  You need to know more about legally protecting your assets.  Enjoy greater privacy, limits on your personal liability, as well as tax benefits through the use of entities such as LLC’s, corporations and trusts.

In today’s litigious society, you need only one person unhappy with your business, one injured tenant, one disgruntled individual to ruin all that you have worked for by going to a plaintiff’s lawyer to see how they can get to everything you own.  If you are sued, you could lose your business, its equipment and vehicles, your personal automobiles, your home, your rental properties . . . anything that you own in your own name.

Sounds pretty scary, right?  Read More→

Atlanta is Attracting a Growing Number of Foreign Buyers. How Will This Affect Local Investors?

Atlanta is Attracting a Growing Number of Foreign BuyersWe hear about all these foreign buying groups, hedge funds, big investor groups, etc. coming into Atlanta and purchasing big portfolios of properties. What’s the real story? Rumors are flying about large packages being sold off by government agencies. Who is going to purchase them, and who is going to manage them? What are they going to do with them once they purchase them? Will the “small” investor have a chance to participate or will they be locked out?

Robert LockeWe are very pleased to have Robert Locke, Broker Owner of Crown Realty and Management as our Speaker for the Movers & Shakers Meeting on Monday, March 19th at 11:00 AM who will be addressing these topics and more. Robert speaks to these folks on a regular basis and has some interesting insights to share on these trends and more.

Robert got his real estate license in 1973 and has practiced real estate sales, investing, leasing and property management ever since. He and his wife Betty started buying houses in 1978 in Atlanta and have bought over 150 houses for their own account. Robert has also sold over 500 houses to investor clients. Read More→


Title Insurance PolicyAre you certain your title insurance policy will cover you in the event you need it? Do you know what has been excepted from coverage on your last title insurance policy?  Did you know that you might not be using the correct documents in order to ensure continued title insurance coverage on your properties?  Learn how to properly read a title insurance policy and how title rates are calculated in Georgia. 

Attorneys Craig Halperin & Jonathan LymanJoin me, Attorney Jonathan F. Lyman and my partner Attorney Craig M. Halperin, of the law firm, Halperin Lyman, LLC, at the Atlanta REIA Main Meeting on Monday, March 12th at 5:30 PM. The information we will be presenting will not only help beginning investors to learn the legal side of the transactions they are conducting but is guaranteed to teach seasoned investors a new lesson or two as well.  This is a definite “Do Not Miss” educational event for anyone involved in real estate investments.

You may believe you have done what you need to do to protect your investment property by purchasing an owner’s policy but come learn the ins and outs of title insurance coverage and find out whether you actually have a policy in place that truly protects your interests! Read More→


PLEASE NOTE: The date of the Atlanta REIA Main Meeting for March has been changed to Monday, March 12th at 5:30 PM at Atlanta Perimeter Hotel & Suites located at 111 Perimeter Center W in Atlanta due to a scheduling conflict with the hotel. The location is the same. Only the date has changed.

Mon, Mar 12th @ 3:00 PM – Total Wine & More Atlanta
The “Meeting-Before-the-Meeting”

Atlanta REIA is pleased to announce that we are having our first “Meeting-Before-The-Meeting” on March 12th at 3:00 PM in a private meeting room at Total Wine & More located at 124 Perimeter Center W (see map), just across down the street from where we meet for the Main Atlanta Meeting. This will be a great opportunity for those who want to get to the meeting early to mix, mingle, learn something new and avoid rush hour traffic.

Gordon CattsGordon Catts will be hosting our first meeting and will be talking about all the new changes the Georgia Superior Court Clerk Cooperative (GSCCCA) has made to their website. Now it is possible to sort by deed type (Looking for private lenders?), view a map of sales at street level (Pulling comps?), sort transactions by date (Want to get a snapshot of the market on a county level?), look up sales information by address (What did the seller pay for the property?) and view a history of the property transactions linked by date (Want to know the sales history?). All this and more is available on the new Superior Search Option of GSCCCA. Come learn about all this at the “Meeting-Before-The-Meeting”.

At 5:00 PM, Total Wines & More will be offering a complimentary wine tasting to all those who wish to participate. There is NO CHARGE to attend this meeting or the wine tasting for Atlanta REIA Members and guests.

Mon, Mar 12th @ 5:30 PM – Atlanta Perimeter Hotel & Suites
Atlanta REIA Main Meeting with Attorneys Craig Halperin, Jonathan Lyman & Other Special Guests
Atlanta REIA Members Can Attend at No Charge
Guests Can RSVP Online for $10 or pay $20 at the Door

Attorney Craig HalperinAtlanta REIA is excited to announce that Attorney Craig M. Halperin and Attorney Jonathan F. Lyman, Managing Partners of Halperin Lyman, LLC, will be our main speakers at the Atlanta REIA Main Meeting on March 12th at 5:30 PM at the Atlanta Perimeter Hotel & Suites, located at 111 Perimeter Center West in Atlanta, where they will discuss “Title Insurance and Recording for Real Estate Investors”.

Attorney Jonathan LymanCraig and Jonathan will also attempt to address many of the relevant questions and concerns you may have regarding the validity of the paperwork that you may be using from a very well-known Atlanta guru and national speaker that is currently the subject of a federal criminal investigation for allegedly using a complicated series of trusts, LLCs and non-profit organizations to commit fraud and tax evasion.

This is a definitely a “Do Not Miss” educational opportunity for anyone involved in real estate investing. The information provided will not only help new investors to learn to setup their business and legal transactions the right way from the very beginning, but is also guaranteed to teach seasoned investors a few new lessons as well.

Did you know that if you prepare your own paperwork to hold your properties in trust, that your title may have serious flaws, your trust may not be valid and your assets may be at risk if challenged? Did you know that even if you close your properties through a competent closing attorney, that your attorney might not be using the right documents needed to ensure your continued title insurance coverage on all your properties. Join Craig and Jonathan to learn more about the closing process, how all of your title and recording fees are calculated and how to insure that all your closings are compliant, legal and insurable.

This Month’s Mini-Session Topics & Guest Speakers

Dustin Griffin“What’s Happening at Atlanta REIA” is a mini-session hosted by Atlanta REIA Executive Director, Dustin Griffin, to update our members and guests on many of the exciting new things that are going on at Atlanta REIA in the upcoming weeks and months such as upcoming workshops, webcasts, special events, member’s benefits and more!

Karen Bershad“New Member Orientation” is a mini-session hosted by Karen Bershad that is designed to introduce our new members (and guests interested in become a member) to our organization and show them multiple ways they can get involved, get connected and get educated. Come learn more about our website, meetings, networking events, workshops, webcasts, replays and more!

Gordon Catts“Real Estate Investing 101” is an new educational mini-session designed to give new real estate investors an exciting glimpse into the highly profitable world of real estate investing. This month’s special guest speaker is local and long time real estate investor, Gordon Catts who will be giving you an overview of the different ways you can profit by investing in real estate.

Don DeRosa“There’s an App for That” is a fun new mini-session dedicated to updating you on some of the latest and greatest applications or “apps” for your iPad, iphone or Droid smartphones and tablets for both business and personal use. We want to help you become a high-tech, mobile real estate entrepreneur and this month, Don DeRosa is going to help you do just that!

Bob Massey“Short Sales, Foreclosures & Saving Homes” – You can save your family, friends and neighbors from losing their homes to foreclosure and Bob will show you how. Foreclosure continues to dominate the real estate market. He’s going to teach you what you need to know to monetize pre-foreclosures in a big way.

Jim Hitt“How to Invest in Real Estate with Your IRA (Part 2)” – Mr. IRA, Jim Hitt of American IRA, LLC is back this month to talk about some of the intermediate to advanced IRA investing strategies that he will be teaching on a special webcast on Thursday, March 15th.

Joe Thompson“Have’s & Wants Speed Marketing” is 30 minute marketing session hosted by Joe Thompson that is held to help facilitate deals by giving our members the opportunity to quickly market things they HAVE and no longer want and to find things they WANT but don’t yet have. Be sure to get to the meeting early and get on the speed marketing list if you want to participate.

Late Night Networking at Tilted Kilt Perimeter (FREE FOOD!)

Tilted KiltAfter the conclusion of the Main Meeting, we will be reconvening at the Tilted Kilt Perimeter located at 1155-B Mount Vernon Highway in Atlanta for the “Meeting after the Meeting”. We will have some complimentary appetizers available. Also, the Tilted Kilt will be offering half price appetizers as well as food and drink specials for our members and guests. Come eat, drink, network and have fun with us as hang out late into the night!

*Meeting Agenda for March 12, 2012
3:00 pm: “Meeting-Before-The-Meeting” at Total Wines & More
5:00 pm: Vendor & Event Setup for Main Meeting
5:30 pm: Vendor Trade Show & Networking in the Lobby
5:30 pm: New Member Orientation & Real Estate Investing 101
6:00 pm: There’s an App for That & IRA Investing
6:30 pm: Haves & Wants Speed Marketing Session
7:00 pm: Networking Break
7:20 pm: Vendor Door Prizes & Giveaways
7:30 pm: Main Topics with Attorneys Halperin & Lyman
9:30 pm: Late Nite Networking at the Tilted Kilt Perimeter!

*Please Note: Meeting agenda is subject to change.

Participating Vendors & Sponsors

Each and every month, for the duration of our meeting, we have a Vendor Tradeshow in which you can come out and meet many of our participating business members who help sponsor our meeting. It’s not to late to sponsor this meeting. Thanks again sponsors!

Atlanta Carpet ServicesAtlanta Carpet Services, Inc. – Providing carpet, wood, vinyl, and tile, ACS is dedicated to every aspect of your floor covering needs from initial consultation to the sale and follow-up services. Read More→

Fuller Center for Housing of Greater AtlantaFuller Center for Housing of Greater Atlanta – A faith-driven, Christ-centered, non-profit organization dedicated to providing adequate shelter for people in need in the Greater Atlanta area. Read More→

American IRAAmerican IRA – The American IRA mission is to provide the highest level of customer service in the self-directed retirement industry. Read More→

Networth Realty of Atlanta, LLCNetworth Realty of Atlanta, LLC – A licensed, full-service residential wholesale brokerage that specializes in finding quality wholesale properties and making them available to you. Read More→

Halperin Lyman, LLCHalperin Lyman, LLC – A transactional real property law firm devoted to providing the full spectrum of non-litigation related real estate legal and consulting services to its clientele. Read More→

Commercial Realty ExpertsCommercial Realty Experts – Our Team utilizes the latest information technologies, market research, and business strategies to move real estate quickly, or satisfy your particular buying needs. Read More→

Atlanta Private LendingAtlanta Private Lending – Atlanta’s premier private real estate lending company. We provide private, hard money loans to professional real estate investors for renovation and investment purposes. Read More→

Simply Amazing Staging AtlantaSimply Amazing Staging Atlanta – We have a proven record of converting those “For Sale” signs into “Sold” signs. We use 5 proven and time tested steps to sell your home in record time.

Angel Oak Funding

Scott Bowen’s Specialized Services

Springboard Real Estate (with Don DeRosa)

Vacant Investment Protection

Also, special thanks to all of our volunteers that help make our meetings and networking events possible!


Are You Cutting Edge?

Posted on February 27, 2012 by

Joe ThompsonCome join us at the West Subgroup on Monday night at 6:30 PM at the Cherokee Cattle Company in Marietta, where Joe Thompson will share with us extremely valuable secrets to success. Here’s a glimpse into the life-changing topics Joe is going to cover:

  • to plan or not plan
  • where are we today?
  • the WHY factor
  • the eight step goal setting process
  • how do you apply your goal setting?
  • tips tools and techniques
  • a call to action

Are you new to real estate and want to learn what I consider to be the absolute biggest factor in whether you succeed in this business or not?   Have you been at this real estate thing for a while and just aren’t seeing the results you’d like to have?  Have you thought that there is some key ingredient that you just can’t get ahold of?  What is the difference between people that make mediocre to average success at best, and those few that are very successful at what they do?  There are some very key thoughts and rituals the very successful embrace that the average person either doesn’t know about or won’t do in order to reach high levels of achievement.  Do you know what these key fundamentals are?  Well you should, if you want to be truly successful in whatever endeavors you take on! Read More→


Bob MasseyJUST ANNOUNCED: We are very excited to announce that Bob Massey, a local investor and national speaker, has teamed up with Atlanta REIA to create a new quarterly networking and educational subgroup focused on short sales and foreclosures. With all of the changes going on with short sales, state laws, bank and government programs and the new quiet title actions, it is critical that investors keep up with all the ongoing changes. The opportunities surrounding pre-foreclosure homes are huge. Bob has started this group so that he and all of our members can share information and techniques for monetizing this huge income potential.

The Short Sale & Foreclosure Group (SSF) will have it’s first meeting on Tuesday, March 20th at Noon at O’Charleys located at 1289 Dogwood Dr SW in Conyers, GA. During the first session Bob will give a foreclosure market update and share his views on the short sale market and on Quiet Title. Atlanta REIA Members can attend this meeting at NO Charge. Non-Members may attend only if they RSVP Online for $25. Read more→

“Do As I Say and NOT as I DID!”
with Bill Cook at BIG

Bill Cook of North Georgia REIAThis ain’t your mama talking this time.  We investors are always looking for information and what to do. This month at BIG, we’re going in a different direction. The topic is going to be on what NOT to do as an investor.

Our special guest speaker is none other than Bill Cook. Bill is regarded as one of the most experienced investors in the country. Bill will be talking about the mistakes he made as he was investing, and what not to do as a first time investor. It will certainly be a VERY informative and if you know Bill, humorous topic.

Beginning Investors Group (BIG)BIG, the Beginning Investors Group, meets on Wednesday, February 22, at Chef Rob’s Caribbean Cafe at 5920 Roswell Rd in Sandy Springs.  The meeting begins at 6:30 pm with networking and at 7pm we start with a short presentation by the group’s founder and leader Alan McDonald. If you are a member of Foursquare, or Twitter, please remember to check in! February’s BIG meeting will be jammed packed.  Come early to get a seat!  Come ready to learn! Come ready to participate!  Come with pad and pen! Read More→