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Secured Investment LendingSecured Investment Lending Corporation (SILC) is a Federally-Licensed Mortgage Lender and Servicer. Founded in 2009 by Ernest C. Aulls III & Nathan H. Trombetti, SILC provided a lending solution for entrepreneurs looking for capital to buy and renovate distressed properties. These properties were widely available, but would not qualify for conventional bank financing. SILC developed a unique, carefully constructed trust structure to facilitate secured financing while protecting the lender, meeting the needs of both borrower and investor equally well.

SILC simultaneously invested in the necessary staff and systems to service these mortgages. The company has shown growth as a servicer with an increase in assets under management every year since it was established in 2009. The servicing portfolio is becoming more diverse as SILC expands it product line to meet the demands of a slowly expanding credit market. In 2014, SILC added 15 year owner occupant loans to its portfolio. Along with increasing its servicing portfolio, SILC has expanded from a local community mortgage lender in Central Florida to offer its services across Florida.

Ernest Aulls and Nate Trombetti have almost thirty years of combined experience in the central Florida real estate market.

SILC has consistently recognized and acted upon opportunities presented by the volatile credit market environment of the last five years. As the market returns to normalcy, SILC continues to grow its book of business and expand into more traditional lending arenas. Most importantly, SILC continues to provide a seamless, accessible, single-source solution to lender and borrower, and bring the same excellence, due diligence, and rigorous operational consistency to every transaction.

SILC’s mission is to provide secure residential real estate lending opportunities for investors seeking a higher rate of return in a vehicle that is properly collateralized. Licensed at the state and Federal levels, SILC simultaneously provides the credit-impaired borrower with experienced guidance and an appropriate solution to their funding requirements, and its lending protocols exceed all Federal and state regulations. SILC focuses on borrowers who do not qualify for traditional mortgage lending channels due to short sale, foreclosure, or other credit impairment. Every borrower’s application and supporting documentation are rigorously reviewed. Every property is professionally inspected and appraised, assisting the borrower in securing an appropriate price and the note investor in establishing appropriate collateralization. A unique trust structure is utilized to ensure rapid and simple title transfer to the note holder in the event of default. By offering a solution that is prudently designed and mutually beneficial to borrower and lender, SILC has become a trusted provider of real estate lending solutions to individual and institutional investors and borrowers.

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