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SafeGuard Communities

SafeGuard Communities

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SafeGuard Communities provides premium turn key real estate for investors who want to invest in quality cash flow properties.

Our program allows you to invest, diversify your portfolio via cash, 401k, or a conventional bank loan. You will be assisting a family, making a community a better place to live with good affordable housing while the real-estate market continues to correct itself. This is that time! Take advantage of the current market while helping others simultaneously.

Our Partners Program overview:

  • SafeGuard Identifies Investor to Partner with
  • Credit approval (100% financing) or All cash deal (using funds such as cash, an IRA, etc.) – chosen based upon partner’s desired investment criteria
  • Legal Entity Created- to SafeGuard the investor – to be used as asset protection.
  • Due Diligence – financial models, raw data, demographics, community leaders and relationships, empirical research, economic data specific to the market, region and US.
  • Property Acquisition – this takes a great deal of work. We spend no less than 200 hours studying each house that was initially identified in our due diligence stage.
  • Renovation – we oversee the general contractor, the draw/budget as well as visit each house, at a minimum, twice a week during renovations and spend that time inspecting every aspect of the renovation.
  • Tenant Identification – we find the appropriate tenant for the house, run necessary background and credit checks as appropriate, ensure the rent guarantee with HUD is in place.
  • Housing Authority Inspection – work with the agencies to ensure the house exceeds the communities standards.
  • Property Management – ensure that the house safe and secure as well as that the tenant is happy. We use this stage to work with the community through volunteer actions to help clean, work with schools and install playgrounds to better the community that our investments are in. This helps us complete our core function of making the partner’s investment appreciate at a great return while making the community a better place to live and work in.

BENEFITS OF THE SAFEGUARD PARTNERS PROGRAM – We do all of this for the investor

  • Very Low Initial Cash Outlay
  • Potential For Positive Monthly Cash Flow
  • Immediate Equity and Equity growth monthly
  • Two to Five Year Exit Strategy
  • You are not a Landlord with the headaches and worry that come with that title – you will never get a call that something broke and you are needed
  • Excellent Addition To A Balanced Investement Portfolio

The KEY To The Safeguard Program

  • Financing occurs in two transactions
  • Bridge Loan for purchases, fees, and renovations
  • Permanent Loan with a conventional lender – this allows for a long term mortgage
  • Forward Appraisal for permanent takeout
  • Requires 25% – 35% equity to secure financing – that helps ensure we have the best property available
  • If it doesn’t appraise – we don’t buy it – This mitigates risk as low as possible and helps ensure a good investment

Initial Setup requires:

  • Credit approval for the investor for the house and rehab
  • We create your legal entity – LLC
  • Pre-qualify with HUD
  • All legal documents prepared
  • Investment by investor = $5,500.00
  • Investor is 50% owner in the LLC, and the property

Additional Benefits

  • A 401k can be utilized for initial investment
  • 1031 exchange can be utilized at exit for acquiring additional property with significant tax savings
  • *Seek advice of a professional when making these decisions