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REAL ESTATE WORKS 4 U, LLC goal is to lower your property tax bill. We’ve been in your same position and know what you are going through. Our job is to assess your situation and formulate the solution that delivers positive results and saves you time and money.

Why Are You Paying Too Much In Property Taxes?

  • County appraised value for your property is higher than what your home is worth, what it can sell for, and what the bank will refinance it for
  • You did not file an Exemption (if you are eligible for homestead, senior, etc.)
  • County adjustments have been made, but they do not represent FMV for your property

Last year our clients saved over 40% on their property tax bill or $1,500 to $15,000 over a three year period.

The following Property Tax Reduction Services are provided:

  1. File the PT-50R
  2. Receive, review, and respond to all notices from the taxing authority
  3. Perform property site visit
  4. File all notices to the appropriate taxing authority
    1. Receive
      • Assessment Notice
      • 30 Day Notice
      • Board of Equalization Hearing Notice
    2. Review and Respond
      • Notices received
      • Create Notice of Appeal
      • Confirmation of receipt of all documents
  5. Representation before the Board of Equalization with evidence that supports a property tax bill reduction
    1. Property Record Card
    2. Comparative Market Data Analysis
    3. Site Photos
    4. Appraisals (only if necessary)
  6. Recommend (if warranted) filing an appeal to County Superior Court whereas there are fees that will be a direct pass thru to the client and a separate agreement is required
  7. Communications via email on the status of your property tax reduction program
  8. Service To You


$100/Property Filed & 20% Of The First Year Savings

We guarantee that if you do not save your initial fee paid for the Property Tax Reduction Program, Real Estate Works 4 U, LLC will refund your money less $50 determination consultation and processing fee.

If you want help and results, contact us via email at, phone (404-226-1727), or visit our website at