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Paces FundingPaces Funding, LLC is a direct hard money lender working solely with real estate investors. We are privately funded which gives us flexibility to creatively finance your projects. As a direct lender based out of Atlanta, we offer many services which traditional institutions are unable to provide.

We have no credit score requirement and we don’t collect bank statements, tax returns, etc. The loan is determined based on the merits of the project. Apply online today.

Because we review thousands of Atlanta loans annually, we have in depth knowledge of the local market. We meet every borrower and inspect each property. This enables us to provide invaluable consulting services to our borrowers based on what we’re seeing in the market.

We have the following loan programs:

  • Rehab projects
  • New construction
  • Transactional funding
  • Cash out lending
  • Commercial properties

We originate, review, underwrite, fund, and service our own loans. We do not need to search for private investors to fund your loan meaning we always have funds to close. This has allowed us to streamline our process and gives us the ability to fund on projects that meet our criteria within days. If you need hard money financing, let our highly experienced team get your project funded and closed quickly. Learn more at

To answer questions or initiate a loan call Dean Tilman at (404) 814.1644 x101 or email at

Paces FundingPaces Funding

3015-B Piedmont Rd
Atlanta, GA 30305

Local: (404) 814-1644 x101
Cell: (404) 822-9507
Fax: (404) 814-1641

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