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Jens BeattyJens Beatty has been designing and building websites since the dawn of the internet. He has created a multitude of websites for all types of businesses over the years. He specializes in designing sites for high conversion and generating leads online. The majority of his work over the past 7 or more years has been focused on generating real estate leads.

In addition to running his own design and marketing company, Jens Beatty Media Productions, he currently works as a senior designer and front end web developer for a public company that runs a major network of real estate websites. In the past few years he has played a major role in generating millions upon millions of leads and dollars in revenue for his employers and clients.

Over the past two or three years, more and more of Jens Beatty Media’s clients have began using WordPress because of it’s flexibility, ease of use and its ability to achieve great search engine rankings without a lot of technical know how.

Because of this fast growing interest in WordPress, Jens Beatty Media Productions has created a fantastic WordPress theme that focuses on something that most WordPress themes do not… generating leads.

His free WordPress theme is called Leadtheme, it is totally free, and it was designed specifically to make it super quick and easy to get your website online and generating leads.

With Leadtheme you can…

  • Easily customize your site’s header image to display your company name or logo. Simply download Leadtheme’s image templates… Add your logo and upload.
  • Easily add and edit any page or blog post on your site.
  • Download free content starter packs with forms that auto respond and email you leads. Nobody else has this.
  • Get your site up and running in no time with the Leadtheme content pack for Real Estate Investors. It contains all the standard real estate investor type pages and forms you need to generate leads online.
  • Create great looking squeeze pages for any type of product, service or download using Leadtheme’s squeeze page and lead form templates.
  • Easily manage ad units for adsense or any other banners on your site via the Leadtheme admin controls.
  • Easily add Tracking and Webmastertools verification tags without editing any html.
  • Easily link your site to your social media profiles.
  • Allow your visitors to easily share your pages with their friends. Leadtheme has the most popular “share” links built in.
  • Easily add YouTube videos or playlists.
  • Run a blog site with multiple authors. Leadtheme has great multi-author support features that most themes don’t have.

Leadtheme is 100% free. If you already have a WordPress site or you are thinking of using WordPress on your new site, go to and download your copy of Leadtheme and its great content and form packs for free. Follow the setup instructions and you will have a site online and ready to convert visitors into leads in no time. If you start using Leadtheme, make sure to sign up for’s newsfeed so you will recieve an email when we release new updates… including the update for Leadtheme version 2.0 which will be coming out in the next couple of weeks.

The Leadtheme 2.0 update gives you the ability to show listings on your WordPress site as well as the ability to edit your Facebook pages from within WordPress. You will also be able to show your listings on Facebook and much more!

Click Here to See a Demo of Leadtheme for WordPress with it’s Real Estate Investor Content Pack installed.

Even though setting up and operating a WordPress site is easy for some, it does take a little bit of technical knowhow to get it set up the correct way. For anyone that doesn’t have time or doesn’t want to attempt setting up their own WordPress site, Jens Beatty Media can get you up and running in no time for very affordable prices.

Visit and fill out the free quote form for a custom quote on any of your online or offline marketing needs.