Halperin Lyman

Halperin Lyman, LLC

Halperin Lyman, LLC

47 Perimeter Center East
Suite 150
Atlanta GA 30346

Phone: (678) 999-9220
Fax: (678) 999-9230

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Halperin Lyman is a transactional real property law firm devoted to providing the full spectrum of non-litigation related real estate legal services to its clients. While the firm provides all forms of legal representation in this field, its concentration is on the real estate closing process and providing quality consultation services to its clients. Halperin Lyman believes in working closely with all real estate professionals to create a team environment and to see each transaction through to its end.

Halperin Lyman places great emphasis on flexible, personalized customer service, superior client/staff communications, and expedient title turnaround time. Furthermore, the firm believes in providing value added services to its clients by offering them a vast array of networking and educational opportunities and increasing potential leads, with the goal of creating a synergistic team approach in order to help the clients’ businesses grow. The attorneys and staff at Halperin Lyman utilize both their knowledge and experience not only in the legal field, but in the corporate, financial and economic sectors to offer quality consultation services with a forward thinking, outside of the box perspective.

Halperin Lyman has created a unique niche in the real estate market through its intimate work with numerous real estate investors possessing a wide array of business models and being at various stages of their business development. The firm’s services for investors begin with a complimentary initial consultation and assessment of the client’s short term and long term goals. From there, Halperin Lyman can assist the investor with corporate formation, defining an appropriate investment model, and creating or reviewing and restructuring the company’s corporate documents. Through the firm’s established relationships with asset managers, realtors and other investors, Halperin Lyman has the ability to facilitate introductions for it’s clients that provide them with access to real property inventory, as well as potential buyers when time comes to liquidate any acquired inventory – all while offering superior quality title and escrow services to ensure the smoothest closing transactions possible.