Gateway Acquisitions Group

Who Are We?

Gateway Acquisitions Group is focused solely to make our investors money in the wholesale real estate market. Our years of experience in the real estate flipping home market put us in a great position to serve you and guide you through the investment process. We include agents, general contractors, project portfolio managers and brokers to bring you a “Gateway” approach to deliver the right property at the right price and make sure you come out ahead.

What We Do?

Gateway does the work for you by working with local counties and regional government agencies to comb properties that make sense. Once we target a property we will make it available on our listing and show the breakdown and costs associated with that property. Our process encompasses all the information so you can make a better investment decision. We don’t just focus on flipping houses we make sure it’s a good investment and sound value for the money.

Why Choose Us?

We tell you all the information up front. You work with OUR people and staff to make sure there are no surprises. We know from so many of our happy customers that our process works. Compared to doing it yourself or with a single agent- you can be left holding a property that may leave you BROKE! Don’t let a cheap wholesale property leave you in the dark. Contact us today to see how we can get you in the black and make money through wholesale properties.

Gateway Acquisitions GroupGateway Acquisitions Group

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