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FirstCall ClaimsRecovering from a property loss is hard enough…leaving thousands of dollars on the table will make it even harder. Every week, hundreds of property owners like you experience devastating losses due to fire, water or severe weather. Then, they risk becoming victims again. How? After losing their property to disaster, they then risk losing tens of thousands of dollars they are entitled to due to inadequate documentation and inexperience with the claims process.

The burden of proving the amount of your loss falls entirely on you, not on your insurer.

However, insurance companies attempt to settle claims based on what they determine to be the amount of your loss. And that may be far less than the full amount you are entitled to receive under your policy. If you can’t produce the proof, and then submit your claim in precisely the way your insurer requires, you could lose tens of thousands of dollars—perhaps without ever even realizing it.

Whether your loss is due to fire, water, vandalism, or severe weather, FirstCall can help. FirstCall is one of the largest and most experienced firms in the Southeast. We advocate for the insured (you!) and specialize in property loss claims. Few people understand that the burden of proving a loss is on the policyholder—not the insurance company or their insurance adjuster. Contacting FirstCall can greatly ease this burden. We can help you properly prepare, document, present and negotiate your insurance claim and receive the compensation you deserve.

FirstCall’s public adjusters are experts in the preparation of inventories, documenting structure estimates and filing business interruption or additional living expenses for property loss claims. With more than 20 years of experience and millions of dollars in additional settlement amounts for the policy holders, FirstCall has a solid record of improving settlement outcomes. Whether your property is a hotel, business, rental or residential—we can help! Many of our clients receive more than a 58% increase in their claims, sometimes double or triple the original insurance offer!

We’ll help you through every step of the claims process to ensure that your claim is handled quickly, expertly and completely. We’ll meet with your insurance company’s representatives on your behalf and we’ll handle all of the complex, time-consuming details.

It is FirstCall’s promise to advocate for the policyholder and support your best interests by walking with you through the insurance claim process, maximizing your claim and exceeding expectations. Our FirstCall family of professionals are all consumer advocates at heart. We love seeing our clients receive more because of our efforts, and will fight for every penny so you can turn the tragedy of your loss into a foundation for a better future.

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