Every state has different legal requirements for lease agreements, and it can often be difficult for busy property managers to stay updated on the constantly changing requirements in their area. Our exclusive State Assist feature does the work for you, helping to ensure that your lease agreement is in compliance with the laws in your state. The EZ Landlord Forms legal team tracks regulatory changes such as the maximum late fees, returned check fees, whether your can charge holdover fees, attorney fees, the minimum number of days notice for entry, and much, much more to help you stay on track and limit your legal liability.

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all lease agreements that don’t effectively communicate your policies to tenants. Our Lease Builder Wizard lets you pick and choose the specific rules that will apply in each of your properties. This tool eliminates tenant confusion – and minimizes your legal exposure. Just input your state and tenant’s information, and the Lease-Builder Wizard instantly creates a comprehensive lease package that includes all of the addenda, disclosures and informational documents you select to include with your lease agreement.

For cost, convenience, and legality, EZ Landlord Forms can’t be beat. Our team of attorneys and qualified real estate experts make it so easy for you to create state-specific forms designed for your state.

By using our exclusive Lease-Builder Wizard with State Assist, you’ll get unmatched convenience, peace of mind, and protection for not much more than other sites charge for a generic lease agreement.

Our quick and easy-to-use system walks you through the process, automatically generating a state-specific lease agreement, as well all of the addenda, disclosures, and informational documents that your state requires.

Down the road, you can create any additional documents you may need with just a few simple clicks of the mouse. No typing tenant or landlord names and addresses – just click on the form you need and the system fills in your information and your tenant’s information.

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