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Caiaccio Jarmin LLPCaiaccio Jarmin LLP is a boutique law firm dedicated to representing domestic and foreign real estate investors and lenders in all aspects of acquisition, financing, due diligence, corporate formation, and negotiation. With over two decades of combined experience, Caiaccio Jarmin LLP has been providing the highest quality legal counsel to investors and lenders participating in the commercial and investment real estate markets in the southeast United States. Caiaccio Jarmin LLP has facilitated a wide variety of transactions including but not limited to multifamily properties, hotels, retail centers, gas stations, office buildings, new construction and development, and undeveloped land with transaction values as high as $50,000,000.00. As a complement to our transactional legal practice, Caiaccio Jarmin LLP also offers commercial title insurance and escrow services through our affiliated company, Pinnacle Escrow Company LLC.

Caiaccio Jarmin LLP has the experience necessary to assist our clients in managing and facilitating the acquisition and development of real property from the initial contract negotiations through due diligence, deal structuring, closing and resale. We act as a partner to our developer and investor clients by learning their business objectives and providing a legal perspective to the negotiations. While thoroughly representing our client’s interests, we understand that business considerations drive deal making. At Caiaccio Jarmin LLP, we believe it is our responsibility to provide information so the principals involved can make the appropriate business decisions concerning the legal risks involved. Our goal is to always help the client achieve their objectives and to provide efficient, timely, and cost-effective closings.

Caiaccio Jarmin LLP works with banks, private equity sources, and other lenders in all aspects of real estate financing, including debt, equity, and mezzanine lending. In closing loan transactions, our objective is to manage and facilitate the process through regular communication. We strive to always prevent any documentation exceptions and to provide responsive service in representing banks and other regulated institutions. At Caiaccio Jarmin LLP, we understand that lenders need sophisticated legal counsel that provides superior service at competitive rates without sacrificing attention to detail.

At Caiaccio Jarmin LLP, an essential part of our commercial real estate practice is assisting our clients in entity creation as well as drafting and negotiation of partnership and joint venture agreements. Recent developments in the law, particularly in the area involving limited liability companies, have changed the way real-estate partnerships can be structured. While this allows for greater flexibility in their creation, that flexibility creates a need for more detail drafting for the structure of these entities. Because each deal structure is unique, the organizational documents should be custom tailored for each partnership entity. Caiaccio Jarmin LLP has extensive experience in drafting and negotiating operating and joint venture agreements in a variety of business structures.

Due to Caiaccio Jarmin LLP’s close network of industry colleagues, professionals and clients, the firm has become an invaluable resource to new clients who have found everything from service providers to new business partners and unique off-market opportunities. Given our persistent dedication to understanding the big picture needs of our clients, Caiaccio Jarmin LLP looks to build long-term relationships and become a key player in our clients’ business teams.

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