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Braswell Capital SolutionsBraswell Capital Solutions provides investors with a step-by-step lending process that eliminates the guess work from real estate. We help you find, fund, rehab or rent, and repeat the process putting you on a path to financial freedom.

Our concierge service makes lending fast and easy, so You Can Win!

We are Family owned and operated, so no one is a number, every client is a member of our real estate family.

We are buy & hold specialists: we pride ourselves in helping you market proof your portfolio, so you’re positioned to prosper during every phase of the real estate cycle.

Product Offering:

  • Rehab loans
  • Rental loans
  • Commercial loans
  • New construction loans


  • Faster and easier access to money
  • Quick closings
  • Low documentation
  • Unemployed and self-employed ok
  • No paystubs, W-2s or tax returns required
  • Lend in your business name
  • Loans are not reported to credit agencies
  • Competitive rates and fees
  • Cash out refinance after 30 days on rentals

If you or someone you know wants to work with a company that Does Real Estate Different, we would love to schedule a Free 30-minute consultation to identify your investment goals and start the process of getting you pre-approved for your next loan.

Braswell Capital SolutionsBraswell Capital Solutions

3340 Peachtree Rd NE
Ste 1010
Atlanta, GA 30326

Local: (770) 854-2194
Fax: (800) 524-6904

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