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“Getting Rich in Today’s Market with Bank-Owned Foreclosures and ‘Rent-Smart’ Lease Options”

with Andy Heller of Regular Riches: Real Estate Riches for Regular People

Andy HellerFortune Magazine is dedicated to teaching people how to make money. Come and find out why Fortune Magazine recommended Andy Heller’s Buy Low, Rent Smart, Sell High Strategy as being one of the top five strategies for building wealth through real estate. Andy will explain why his proven and diversified program for real estate investing offers investors an unprecedented opportunity for building wealth and taking control of their financial futures in today’s real estate market. Give us just 2-3 hours per week, and we will show you how easy it is to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in real estate investing.Andy Heller's Buy Even Lower

Atlanta REIA Gold Members may attend this special event for only $10! Atlanta REIA Silver Members for $20 and Guests for $30. These are the “Early bird” pre-registration prices which will expire soon! All those who pre-register for this full day workshop will receive a FREE,  signed copy of Andy’s best selling book with Scott Frank, “Buy Even Lower”. Click here to Register Now!

REO 101 Workshop with Andy Heller
Saturday, April 30th from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
DoubleTree Northlake, 4156 LaVista Rd, Atlanta, GA 30084
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Register Now before the early bird special prices and FREE Book offer expire!

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This week is another jam packed week at Atlanta REIA. We have Atlanta REIA West on Monday on Buying Houses As-Is and the new Note Buying Group on Tuesday. We have back-to-back meetings on Thursday at 5 Seasons Brewing… Cash Cows Commercial Group at 11:30, Haves & Wants at 1:30 and Brewery Tour and Beer Tasting at 3:30 PM. Thursday evening we have Cash Flow in Alpharetta and a Business Member Orientation Webcast and will be giving away Vendor Bonuses. Saturday is the long awaited REO101 Workshop with Andy Heller and is also a Fuller Center Volunteer Workday in Lakewood. See more details below and come join us! Read More→

Kathy Kennebrook's Marketing Magic System hspace=Marketing Magic 1 & 2: contains 12 Direct Mail Campaigns including Out of State Owners, Pre-foreclosures, Military Transfers,  Vacant Houses, Quit Claim Deeds, Finding Your Dream Home, Multi-family Owners, Attorney Letter, Zip Code Mailer, Getting the Deed letter, Expired Listings, Free & Clear Property Owners and more… plus 24 additional marketing techniques and samples of all of them, including the Calling on Ads campaign and the Tenant Referral System.

There is even an 8 CD audio set plus a forms CD with all the letters already done for you. This complete system also includes resources for all your mailing lists plus a company to do all the mailings for you. All you have to do is deal with the motivated sellers.

Marketing Magic Seller Conversations: includes transcribed manual plus audio CD of conversations with sellers both motivated and non-motivated for each direct mail campaign so you can learn to pre-screen sellers quickly or train someone to do it for you!

Kathy is even including her Very Atlanta REIA Discount to Gold & Silver Members as well as Guests… Take Action Now!

Kathy Kennebrook’s
Marketing Magic System

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Thursday, April 21st @ 7:00 PM

Webcast on Direct Mail Marketing
with Kathy Kennebrook

Kathy KennebrookDustin Griffin here with an invitation to join me TONIGHT, Thursday, April 21st at 7PM ET for a Live, Atlanta REIA Webcast Training I am hosting with my good friend and Atlanta REIA Business Member, Kathy Kennebrook. Her topic will be Turbo Charging Your Buying Machine, Your Income Streams, and Running Your Real Estate Investing Business on Auto-pilot.

This is going to be an incredible session where Kathy is going to share all of her insider secrets of the ins and outs of buying and selling houses quickly no matter what your real estate market is doing. Kathy has a lot of material to cover, so be sure to have a pen and paper handy to take lots of notes.

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Fred Kross

Posted on April 21, 2011 by

Fred KrossFred Kross attended under graduate school and Georgia State University and graduated with a BA degree in real estate.  Fred attended the Georgia State School of Law earning his law degree in 1993.   Upon graduating from law school, Fred worked in his family’s business as a real estate appraiser and gained experience in appraising commercial and residential properties.   In addition, Fred was a licensed real estate agent with ERA Allpoints Realty and member of the million dollar club for several consecutive years in the late mid 90’s. Read More→

Tom Boyer

Posted on April 21, 2011 by

Tom Boyer aka Cash Flow TomAffectionately known as “Cash Flow Tom” by investors, Tom Boyer grew up in data communications sales and accidentally fell into real estate when moving to a new house and keeping the old one as a rental in 1989.  He tried his hand at many facets of real estate to find what best suited him: foreclosures, pre-foreclosures, rehab to retail, birddog, options, wholesaling, quick-turn, land lording and finally notes.  By trading in his hammer for a calculator he can now nail a deal without getting dirty, and loves it!  He has studied under both local and national note professionals.  Tom has used seller finance structuring for assemblages, commercial and residential real estate transactions.  He offers a private note structuring service to buyers and sellers. Cash Flow Tom supports investors in their quest to find their niche and conducts the Note Buyers Group for investors to network and improve their professional real estate craft.

ATTENTION Atlanta REIA Business Members,

On April 28th at 7 PM ET, Jeff Nix, Director of Business Membership, and myself are doing our first Atlanta REIA Business Member Orientation Workshop via This Workshop was originally scheduled for earlier in the month but had to be rescheduled due to technical difficulties. Register for the BMO Workshop Now!

We want to use this opportunity to better introduce you to Atlanta REIA and explain in detail how you can plug your business into Atlanta REIA for maximum benefit for your business and our membership.

FREE Bonuses for 10 Business Members who join us on the webcast live:

  • A vendor table at the May 2nd Meeting
  • A vendor listing in our May 2nd Meeting Bulletin (New!)
  • A vendor listing on for the month of May with a followable backlink to your website or profile page. (New!)
  • The opportunity to speak and give away a door prize at our May 2nd Meeting (New!)

These bonuses will be available only to the first 10 people who sign up with the special link we give out during the webcast. Don’t miss out! We look forward to seeing you on the webcast tonight! Register for the BMO Workshop Now!

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Duncan WiermanMarketing Wizard and active real estate investor, Duncan Wierman, was our special guest on our April What’s Hot in Real Estate Investing Webcast. Duncan talked about his powerful software that automatically locates super MOTIVATED HOME SELLERS online and will also build you a huge list of HUNGRY BUYERS with cash in-hand, looking for great deals. Duncan showed us how, with the click of a button, we can instantly and automatically gather hundreds of motivated buyer and seller leads online in less than 30 seconds! If this sounds too good to be true, watch the replay below to see the results for yourself and find out how to get a copy of Duncan’s powerful software for FREE! Read More→

Kathy KennebrookWe are doing a special Business Opportunity Webcast with Atlanta REIA Business Member and Marketing Magic Lady, Kathy Kennebrook, on Thursday night at 7:00 PM ET on GoToWebinar. Find out how Kathy made a seven figure income in just 12 short months using her unique direct mail strategies to locate motivated sellers. Learn how you too can do the same without leaving your desk or licking a single stamp!

Learn how to significantly increase the number of sellers and deals you are doing in the best market there has ever been. Learn how to automate your marketing and deal only with the most highly motivated sellers practically begging you to take their properties off their hands. Learn all this and much, much more!

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Catherine McFarlandConquer your fears and take the guesswork out of buying houses “as-is”. Long time successful real estate investor, code enforcement and zoning officer, Catherine McFarland, will put your fears to rest.

More and more these days houses are being sold as is. Sellers and banks are not accepting contracts with the old protection contract clause of “subject to inspection” or “subject to approval of partner”. These days contract contingencies are rarely being accepted.

To get in the game, you have to be able to make a decision and commit to it. Do you really want to buy the house? And are you so confident that you can comfortably put your earnest money on the line?

Catherine will show you how you can quickly assess damages and repairs to a house and determine the estimated repair costs. She will address your valid concerns:

  • What is wrong with this property?
  • Am I losing all my rights?
  • The awful truth about the seller’s property disclosure statement.
  • Should I get a home inspection by a certified inspector? Pros and cons.
  • Don’t let your investment go down the toilet because you missed repairs.

If you are serious about real estate investing, you have to hear this. Presented by Catherine E. McFarland, Longtime Successful Investor & Certified Housing Inspector, Certified Inspector Southern Building Code Congress, International Property Maintenance Inspector, Housing Inspector, Legal Aspects of Code Enforcement.

Come join us at the Atlanta REIA West Meeting on Monday, April 25th from 6:30 to 9 PM at the Cherokee Cattle Company at 2710 Canton Road, Marietta, GA (map).

There is always a lot happening at Atlanta REIA and this week is no exception. On Monday, we have the Movers & Shakers Lunch Meeting on “Building Business Credit”. On Tuesday we have a What’s Hot in Real Estate Investing Webcast with Duncan Wierman on using special software to harvest leads online. Wednesday is Atlanta REIA North with Dustin Griffin on using a WordPress Website and Blog to help establish your online presence. Thursday is another Haves & Wants deal making jam session followed by an evening webcast on “Direct Mail Marketing” with Kathy Kennebrook. Join us and discover for yourself why Atlanta REIA is the hottest real estate club around for only $100 per year! Read More→

Duncan Wierman

Posted on April 15, 2011 by

Duncan WiermanDuncan Wierman is a full time investor in Greenville, South Carolina. His business revolves around automated systems so he can do less work and make more money. He has used internet marketing and automated internet systems for attracting buyers, sellers, and investors have allowed him to do over 300 deals a year without leaving his desk!

After working at real estate investing the hard way, Duncan finally swore to himself that he’d had enough: He then invested serious time and money into using systems that would pay off in less aggravation, more time, and more profits! He became an expert in finding motivated sellers, hungry buyers, and private lenders through the Internet. Read More→