Sophie Ting

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Sophie TingSophie Ting is an immigrant from Taiwan. She came to US at 21 and started her first job as a house keeper in Holiday Inn. Later, she got a job in the bank as a teller. One and half year later she was promoted to be the head teller.

After another year of working for the bank, she attended college. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Electrical engineer with cum laude in 3 and half years.  She completed her Master’s degree in Electrical engineering while concentrating on computer engineering. Sophie’s name was mentioned in “Complex Variable with Applications” which is the text book for the senior year of Electrical Engineering due to her contribution to the book. She worked for Digital Equipment Corp  and Compaq as a network engineer.

Sophie has been an active Atlanta REIA member for a year where she has received her  real estate education, made like-minded  friends, got support from many seasoned investors, met her mentor who brought her the deal that is going to fulfill her dream of entrepreneur.



  1. Ed Sweeney says:

    Sophie is an inspiration to all of us ‘in the trenches ‘… Sophie Rocks!

  2. Sophie Ting says:

    I am so honored to be an inspiration! Thank you!

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