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Mr. XUPDATE: Since publishing an article this week on a famous Atlanta real estate guru, who is currently undergoing a state and federal criminal investigation for tax evasion and possibly fraud and other charges, we have been inundated with calls and emails wanting to know “Who is Mr. X?” To protect the presumed innocent, we had not planned on releasing Mr. X’s identity until formal charges were made against him. However, to enable the many hundreds and thousands of Georgians who use Mr X’s legal paperwork and training to properly prepare and protect themselves from any legal and tax implications this investigation may have on their lives and businesses, we have decided to reveal the identity of Mr. X at our Atlanta REIA Main Meeting on Monday, March 12th at 5:30 PM so they can consult with professional legal and tax advisers as needed. Meanwhile, we will tell you who Mr. X is NOT… he is no one who has never attended or spoke at any Atlanta REIA meetings or events.


Warning: Are You Using the Correct Legal Paperwork to Protect Your Assets?

A very well-known real estate guru and national speaker from Atlanta (whom we will refer to as “Mr. X” since he is presumed innocent until proven guilty) is undergoing an intense and lengthy criminal investigation by the Federal Department of the Treasury, in association with the Georgia Attorney General’s office, for tax evasion and possibly fraud and other charges.

This federal and state criminal investigation was recently confirmed by two Special Agents from the Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation Division, located in Decatur, GA as well as many other REIA groups and real estate promoters from across the country who have allowed Mr. X to teach and sell his paperwork and training to their members and students.

(PLEASE NOTE: The Special Agents contact information can be provided if you feel you have been defrauded by Mr. X or have any information that will assist them in their investigation.)

Mr. X allegedly uses a complicated series of land trusts, personal property trusts, LLCs, charitable foundations and non-profit organizations with layer upon layer of these legal entities to hide his assets, avoid lawsuits, thwart investigation and evade paying income taxes. 

Because of the growing controversy this federal investigation is causing within our industry, the validity of Mr. X’s training and paperwork, which he is very famous for, is being called into question and facing increasing legal scrutiny. Within the past week, rumors are quickly spreading that the validity of Mr. X’s land trust paperwork was recently challenged in court twice and lost both times. It has also been widely rumored for years that much of his paperwork fails to stand up in court when challenged. Many attorneys have ridiculed the paperwork that he authors, sells and promotes as a safe and easy way to buy and sell real estate since the results could be quite the opposite. Read More→