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What is a Lifeonaire?

Posted on February 28, 2015 by

Shaun McCloskeyA Lifeonaire is someone who is full of life.  Many people equate living life to the fullest with their financial means to do so; they think that having more money will automatically enhance their lives. At the root of a desire for money is actually the desire for what people think money will give them: a greater quality of life. That focus typically results in the opposite of the goal, causing people to funnel their energy into earning more money rather than living an incredible life.

When someone is very “successful” in their career and spending a lot of time making a lot of money, often times they never really get around to experiencing the fullness of life for which they are working so hard. This is evidenced by the broken families, damaged friendships, forgotten hobbies and interests, crumbling marriages and troubled children that result from neglect – all because their primary focus is on being more financially successful.  

The first step to becoming a Lifeonaire is to determine what you want your life to look like. (Creating a Lifeonaire vision) Believe it or not, 98% (or more) of people don’t know specifically what they want their lives to look like. Most everyone says they do, but very few people have any amount of specificity to their answer, nor have they taken the time to put it in writing. Instead, what they know is that they don’t like the way it currently is, and they mistakenly believe that more money will be the solution. This first step is critical, since your Lifeonaire vision will become the foundation that subsequent actions will build upon. Read More→


Is the Road to Success Easy?

Posted on February 27, 2015 by

Shaun McCloskeyWhen I hear someone say that success is easy, it always raises my BS sensors.  It really concerns me when someone says this, but then I have to look at myself because I say this as well.   The difference is, I really mean it.  But in order for success to become easy, you’re going to have to play a different game than most.

I’m not suggesting that becoming successful requires no work and that there are no struggles, but when I say that The Road to Success is Easy, I’m suggesting that when someone has a plan and they follow it, that success is attainable to all, and it can be done in a relatively short period of time.

We live in a world in which we idolize success and as a result we pursue it with all that we have.  As a culture we have defined success as having a lot of money.  We want it so badly that we look for shortcuts, we’ll compromise our values, and we’ll tear down things that are important to us in order to attain it.   We’ll go into debt.  We’ll buy things we don’t need to impress people we don’t care about.   What we all really want is life.  We want freedom.  We want to be able to spend time doing and experiencing the things in life that provide the most fulfillment, however, most of us today have given up any hopes of this life in pursuit of the almighty dollar. 

What we teach at Lifeonaire is that if we will simply follow a plan, that success is easy.  It’s an easy road.  What we have found is that the world around us is pursuing success every other way, that what makes pursuing the path to success difficult is that we have to go against the grain and do things differently than those around us.  The path is easy, but getting to the right path and living and doing things differently than others around us is the challenge. Read More→


Shaun McCloskeyHi, my name is Shaun McCloskey. I suggest you grab a cup of coffee, sit down and read this slowly and carefully.

I don’t say this often. I don’t say this lightly… and I rarely use a strong language, like “you MUST” get involved into some aspects of investing.

However, this time it’s warranted. Especially, if you realize the wealth building potential of our current market place and dream of making A LOT of money FAST.

Where We Are Now

What we have today in our foreclosure markets is BIGGER and more widespread than what we had during the collapse and ensuing Savings and Loans bailout of the late 80s and early 90s. If you remember that time period, you probably also remember the media portraying the economy as being “a down market” and the real estate industry was “doom and gloom.”

If you were investing during that time and knew how to play the game, however, you know how profitable that was. Real estate fortunes were made over 2-3 year period.

Once this period found it’s end the opportunity was gone. Real estate returned to its normal balanced state.

The MOST important aspect of what’s going on today is the UNUSUAL and unlikely forces that are getting involved to put pressure on lenders holding REOs (repossessed properties).

This hasn’t happened before. Not like this… Read More→