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I was like any other investor, I did the best with what I knew and when I knew better, I did better. I used to find my properties by searching for them on the internet or hiring a Realtor to scout the local market for good deals. I remember the very first creative financing property I bought was so dirty we had to set up a tent in the master bedroom just to save us from the bugs. The deals I got were normal deals. Somebody would find me a deal, I would fix it, and I would wait for somebody else would sell it. My marketing efforts were not bold by any means, but worked fairly well for some time.

Then I heard about motivated sellers. Apparently, there were loads of people who needed help. These were folks who couldn’t deal with their obligations anymore and would give me their properties for free Or even pay me to take them. He told me that these sellers didn’t care about money anymore. All that all they wanted was for someone to solve their problems. All I needed was television commercials, large scale print advertising, and other expensive forms of marketing to find them.

It sounded too good to be true. Besides, My marketing budget was $0. I certainly couldn’t afford to pay for commercials or billboard advertising. I heard of franchise companies that investors had to pay dearly and spend copious amounts of time buying property. I thought of my quality of life. I knew there had to be a better way. If only I could figure out how… Read More→


Let The Best Deals Find You

Posted on July 21, 2012 by

Robert WoodruffI’m coming to your city next weekend for 1 Purpose and 1 Purpose Only … to put more money into your bank account by saving you tens-of-thousands in needless marketing costs. When I leave, you will know how to get sellers who’ll crawl over broken glass to sell their homes regardless of your credit or financial situation.

Have You Ever Wondered How Millionaire Investors Find the Best Deals? Well, I have news for you! Contrary to popular belief; Millionaire Investors don’t find deals.  The Best Deals find THEM.

Do You Want Killer Deals? …Real Estate for 10 cents on the dollar?

On Saturday, I’m going to teach you; “51 Ways for Motivated Sellers to Find YOU.”

Many investors who are just getting started ask the question, “How are experienced investors finding such profitable deals?”  Other investors are doing deals and haven’t spent the copious amounts of capital that it takes to try-out all the various marketing strategies, let alone master which marketing strategies work best.

Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.”
-Mark Twain

Who should focus On Marketing?

  • A beginner…  Needs to know how to find profitable deals
  • An Intermediate… Needs more ways to find profitable deals
  • An Experienced Investor… Has to keep up with the NEW strategies.
  • … the answer: (All Business Owners)

I’m going to train you; The Best, Easiest, Cheapest, and Safest ways to market your real estate investing business. “Over 51 Ways to Build Your Real Estate Portfolio Now!”

  • Best – Get Response Rates so High from Your Marketing that Professional Marketers simply won’t believe you.
  • Easiest– A kid can do it. Literally. I’ve used high school & middle school kids to do some of the most profitable strategies.
  • Cheapest – Strategies that cost less than a dollar & make your phone ring off the hook.
  • Safest– How to Stay Legal with Your Marketing & Make your business invisible to code enforcement.

Learning Marketing didn’t come easy for me. I wasn’t fortunate enough to have someone teach me.  I had to learn marketing the old-fashioned way.  I used trial and error. Learning which forms of marketing provide massive results and which forms cost thousands with no guarantees is extremely valuable experience & knowledge for real estate investors.  Through my ups and downs, I have found truly amazing forms of marketing that easily deliver unimaginable response rates for pennies-on-the-dollar. Read More→


Ever wondered how millionaire investors find the most profitable deals? Satisfy your curiosity and save yourself time, effort, and loads of cash by consuming these five fundamentals that millionaire marketers use to gain massive wealth & prestige.

1. Don’t get caught up in the “BIG PICTURE”

Stay focused on your marketing.  One of the biggest mistakes professionals make is they start to believe that they’re only a doctor or lawyer or mechanic. They forget that their number-one responsibility is marketing.  Without marketing, there are no patients to see, clients to advise, or cars to work on.  Smart business owners know how to market their product or service and are successful at doing it.  You must constantly market your business if you wish to be successful.  Constant marketing of your business is how you find the best deals.

To begin marketing you must first identify all the various methods to market in your area, how much they cost, and whether they even work. Learning what methods not only work, but are most cost effective can cost you thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars through trial and error. Read More→