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True Stories from United States Income Tax Audit Protection

Janitorial Business Operator Cleans House

CM was the victim of an IRS audit. While she was busy operating her large janitorial business, she left her books and records to the hands of her trusty accountant. As luck would have it, her “less than competent” accountant had no solid documentation of her business transactions, and the IRS was now claiming she owed more than $2.5 million in back taxes, penalties, and interest.

That’s when CM found US-iTap.

Through a process called an “offer in compromise,” US-iTap was able to convince the IRS and the State of Colorado to drop the $2.5 million in tax liabilities in exchange for $1,000 each.

Needless to say, CM was ecstatic with the results. Not only did US-iTap help her with her tax situation, his guidance led her to a new career. “I am now beginning a successful real estate business as the result of US-iTap help and advice,” comments CM. Read More→