The Biggest Real Estate Myth

Posted on September 2, 2014 by

Duncan WiermanWe all think we’re in the real estate business.  That is a fundamental mistake!

It’s true that we have checks written to us in exchange for services of buying and selling houses, so it’s understandable to think we’re in the business of real estate.

When someone at a party asks what we do, we naturally say “I’m in real estate” So when we look at growing our businesses, we look at what we do for the levers. And that’s the mistake.

You’re not in Real Estate!

You’re in the business of “marketing your real estate abilities”

When you really understand this, a whole new world of possibility opens up.

Here is the TRUTH:

1. When you move marketing to the center of your business, your view changes dramatically.

2. Realize that what you do – the tasks specific to providing the service – should be viewed as marketing itself. From the very first interaction a prospect has with your business, whether it’s an online ad or a phone call or whatever else, you’re creating an experience. That experience is a core marketing function. Is the experience you provide worth talking about? How do you make them feel?

3. 95% of the people in real estate don’t know marketing. The first step to breakthrough success is to clear your mind of ‘how it’s always been done’ and to look at the problem of marketing with fresh eyes.

That is why I created the Platinum Virtual Investing and Marketing course. Internet marketing for Real estate investors will start you on an amazing journey that will transform your business and send your profits soaring. There are some very important online fundamentals that you must learn that will create interest in business.

I would like to suggest to you to start to take notice of everything within a perspective of marketing. The whole world will become your classroom. Do you notice how the hotel offered you a rewards program? That’s marketing. Do you think that’s effective? If so, how do you use that idea?

The other day, at the airport parking lot, I was surprised and delighted by the fridge of free water bottles placed next to the machine where I feed my ticket as I pulled out. Amazing! How does that make me feel? How can I apply that lesson?

When you’re a lifelong student of marketing, and take action on ideas you will begin to see opportunity everywhere you look.

I look forward to teaching you about internet marketing tactics that will allow you to dominate your market, how to flip houses sitting at home, and work less than 5 hours a week at the Atlanta REIA Meeting on Monday, September 8th and again at a full day Atlanta REIA Workshop on Saturday, September 13th. Be sure you attend this one time only event where you will learn how simple it is to master the art of real estate investing and making the money you’ve always wanted!


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