How to Get a FREE Phone Number to Use in Your Business – Part 2

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Welcome back! Here’s what we covered in the last article: Why the PHONE is an essential element of your marketing and why there’s a big need for several different phone numbers for various reasons and functions for your business.

We also mentioned how having several phone numbers can add up to be an expensive ongoing cost that adds to your monthly overhead business expenses.

I then showed you an incredible FREE solution: Google Voice (GV)!

Finally, we talked about HOW to get your own GV number, and a few business applications & uses. Do you remember all that? If not, go back & re-read that article!

And if you haven’t already gotten your own Google Voice number, what are you waiting for? Go get it NOW – it’s FREE!

Here’s What We’re Going to Cover in THIS Article:

  • A quick & easy shortcut to get to your GV options. This makes it really easy.
  • A few secrets. You’ll need these.
  • How to get SEVERAL Google Voice Numbers. Use ‘em for home or office!
  • Some limitations (and how to overcome them).
  • And finally… How to get a FREE home phone LINE (and number). Yes, it’s true!

So, let’s begin with this… Do you remember all those steps we had to take to get access to your Google Voice account? Well, here’s a simple secret shortcut that’ll get you there FAST!

  1. Log in to the Google account that’s associated with the Google Voice number you’re using.
  2. Open a new browser tab & enter this address:

BAM! There you are! You can now see your call/text history, your voicemail messages, etc.

Want to change the settings? Click the cog button on the right. Then click ‘Settings’ (NOTE: This may change at some point as Google evolves, but that’s how it is now).

And now that you’re there, let’s set you up with a few awesome SECRET SETTINGS! If you’re in business, you’re going to need these at some point. This is pretty cool stuff, so take notes here, ok?

Secret #1: Get a Call From a Motivated Seller & Want to Make Sure You Get ALL The Details? Record the conversation with the touch of a button! This is an amazing feature that most Google Voice veterans didn’t even know about. Here’s what you do: While in ‘Settings,’ click on the ‘Calls’ tab. Scroll down to ‘Call Options,’ and click on the box to “ENABLE Recording (4), Switch (*) and conferencing options on inbound calls.”

Now, whenever a call comes in, you can record it by simply pushing the ‘4’ button on your phone’s keypad! NOTE: Check with your state laws to see about any phone call recording restrictions. Google Voice automatically inserts a brief announcement that ‘this call is now being recorded’ when you push that button.

Secret #2: Remove the Call Screening Feature. You don’t need it. Here’s how: While you’re still in Settings > Calls, Find the ‘Call Screening’ and click the ‘Off’ button.

Secret #3: If you have your GV number set up to forward to your cell phone (and you’re taking calls from Sellers & Buyers), you can set up your GV phone so that you know which kind of caller is calling. All you would do is click the button to ‘Display my Google Voice Number’ under ‘Caller ID (incoming), and then make a note of that number in your cell phone (title it “Sellers” or “Buyers” as needed). Now you can answer the phone in the right frame of mind. Of course, you should get someone else (such as an answering service) to answer those calls for you ASAP. When you’re ready for that, just set up the calls to forward to that other number.

Secret #4: If you already love Google Voice, you’ll most likely want to get several GV Phone Numbers, right? So here’s how you do that. It’s easy! Simply create a NEW Google account and then set up a new Google Voice number EXACTLY how you did it the first time (as covered in the last article)! Want more numbers? Simply rinse & repeat! Just use your cell phone as the forwarding number.

Secret #5: At some point, Google might say that you’ve used your existing forwarding number too many times, and can’t use it any more. If that’s the case, just use one of your GV numbers instead!

Next Secret #6: Use one of your Google Voice Numbers on Bandit Signs. Safe, free & anonymous!

…And For My FINAL Secret #7: Screw Vonage! Whack the MagicJack! Cut the cord of your existing, high-priced phone line… AND all those nasty taxes they force you to pay! Are you ready for this…?

How to Get a FREE Home/Business Phone Line:

I’ve saved the best for last. Here’s how to save between $240-$600+/year on your phone lines, yet still have all the same features & functionality of your existing service (depending on what service you have now).

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  1. First of all, you’ll obviously need a Google Voice number.
  2. You’ll need broadband internet service AND a router with one port available.
  3. You’ll need an available power outlet plug.
  4. You’ll need a phone. Any standard modular-jack phone will do. NOTE: If you want to have several satellite/extension phones, no problem. Just get one of those phone set-ups that are available. You know, the kind where you plug in your phone line to ONE phone, then the other phones just use that same frequency.
  5. And finally, you’ll need a special small box device that you can buy online for between $39-$75.
  6. This box is a one-time purchase. NO monthly fees whatsoever!

If you’re familiar with how Vonage works, this is essentially the same device configuration. That means that you’ll be plugging in a small box to your home router, a power outlet, and your main phone.

There are a few different boxes you can choose from, and you can easily find them, plus the different options you have available, in the following links…

If you want ONE phone line, use this option:

Would you rather have TWO phone lines instead of only one? Get THIS box:

A Couple Limitations of Google Voice:

  • While you’ll be able to call anywhere in the U.S. for FREE, it’ll cost you to call internationally. However, with calls starting at only $.02/minute for most countries, it’s still pretty cheap.
  • Here’s a (potentially serious) limitation of this configuration: If you set it up this way, you’ll have FREE phone service, but you WON’T have the emergency 911 dialing service available.

So here’s a couple options on how to overcome this limitation:

  • You could set up a couple SPEED DIALS on your phone to call the local emergency services, such as the Police and Fire Departments.
  • You could use the services of an existing company that you pay a very small fee to in order to have the E911 service available for you. Here’s one that will run you about $1.50/month, but you’ll have the peace-of-mind that your 911 service works.

Well, There You Have it! Here’s What You Just Learned:

We talked about HOW & WHY you should jump on the incredible FREE service of Google Voice immediately. I showed you exactly how to set it up correctly, PLUS how to take advantage of the ‘secret’ settings to use in your business (or home). I taught you how to get SEVERAL GV numbers to use for your leisure. Finally, I showed you how to get a 100% completely FREE phone LINE (or two) to use in your home or office.

While I wish I had the time to show you EVERYTHING that you can do with Google Voice, I just don’t. I also take no responsibility for anything I may have missed here. I have a lot of other ‘secrets’ that you can do with GV. However, if you use what I’ve shown you in these articles, you’ll be well on your way to taking advantage of some of the existing technology that’s there for you to use.

So get on it…before your competition does!

Until Next Time,

Tony Pearl

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