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Sign MafiaIf you’ve been around the real estate investing community for a while, you already know the Sign Mafia. They have been serving our community of interest since 2002. They are best known for their bandit signs and property marketing packages.

What are bandit signs? They are any signage placed in highly visible spots, designed to generate leads for buyers and sellers. They are key in guerilla marketing on the fly. Signs are typically placed in areas that are sometimes illegal, if not in violation of local ordinances, hence the name “bandit signs” and the SIGN MAFIA.

The reason bandit signs are so effective is, when people are in a certain situation or are in need of something and they see a sign for that purpose, they are likely to call. Signs are a great way for you to let people know your business and what services you provide. Without these signs, they may never know you exist. Plus, it is a certainty they are capturing information from other bandit signs, yours should be among the choices of information available. 

Used as informational signs, directional pointers, sign toppers, or for quick info like phone numbers and web sites, bandit signs are a quick, inexpensive and highly visible way to get attention. Whether it’s to get leads to buy or sell properties, signs can be most effective, especially if utilized on a continuous basis.

Sign Mafia Inc. offers any and all configurations of durable screen printed corrugated plastic signs and car magnetic signs. Also, sign toppers, wire stands, brochure boxes, lock boxes and agent marketing packages. Bulk or low volume, they can also ship anywhere in the US.

Some tips on optimal bandit sign use:

You want the sign to be simple and to the point. Use only the information that is “need to know”. Do they need to know what your company name is? No. Do they need to know what your logo looks like? No! Just the basics. Bandit signs do not follow the conventions of consistent company image branding, it is not their purpose. Provide the most reliable contact data points only. Avoid posting a primary cell number or your business number, rather use a Google number, VOIP or a disposable cell number. Do not put multiple numbers on the sign, it is confusing, unnecessary and you may not get the call. A web site or email address is ok but not necessary, particularly if it is too long. Ask yourself… in your specific situation or objective, what piece of data will make it the easiest for them to contact you. Everything else is irrelevant to the concept of using bandit signs.

Don’t blanket an area with a sign on every corner on every street. Spread them out and use strategic roads that get a lot of traffic. The signs will last longer if you put them out on Friday and even longer if you pick them up on Sunday night. Be visible. Get car magnetics, business cards, post-it notes, and flyers. Sign Mafia also supplies these items. Give a business card to everyone you talk to. Put post-it notes on car windows so they can get to them easily. Utilize your vehicles – car magnetics are like having a driving billboard. You can put them on your car doors and even on the backs of your vehicles, so people behind you in traffic, etc can also see your information. You might get your first lead just by being visible. Want to step up the visibility? Ask Sign Mafia about whole car wraps.

For more information, contact Dave or Cindy Berman at 770-592-2522. See them on the web at or via email at

Jeff NixJeff Nix is a founding member of Atlanta REIA and serves as Director of Business Membership. Jeff is also the owner/operator of Atlanta Carpet Services, Inc. whom has been serving the real estate community throughout Metro Atlanta for over 20 years. Jeff has also been serving in the Air Force Reserves since 1981 and is an active real estate investor with a self-managed portfolio of single family homes.

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