Houses You Want to AVOID! Houses that Will Be Hard to Sell or Rent – Part 2

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This month I’m going to give you the other houses I believe you need to avoid if you plan to buy and sell real estate quickly and profitably. I feel very strongly that you need to know about each of these houses so you never find yourself trying to rent or sell properties that just won’t sell. All of the houses I mention have very difficult issues you can’t easily overcome. Why would you want to buy one of these houses when there are hundreds of houses that do not have these issues?

Houses Where Someone Was Murdered or Committed Suicide.

I won’t buy these houses because I fear if a new family moved into a house where someone was murdered or committed suicide without knowledge of what happened there and the children at school were to tell the new children now living in the house what actually happened could cause trauma for the children now living in the house and I don’t want to be responsible for doing that to the kids.

Houses That Are Just Plain UGLY.

Ugly will always be difficult to rent or sell and will be far more costly to correct the problem. When you find a house that is just plain ugly turn and walk away. There are thousands of houses for sale, so why would you want to waste your time trying to completely overhaul an ugly house when there are plenty of pretty houses available across the country?

Houses with VERY Small Bedrooms and Small Closets and Small Square Footage of Living Space.

These houses are not usually very popular for the average family that can qualify for a loan. These houses eliminate over 75% of your buyers and renters. These houses ONLY work for a single person, a couple without children, a family with only one child. If a family has two children of the same sex, if they have a son and a daughter a three bedroom house will be needed.

Any House Where You Have to Walk Through a Bedroom to Get to a Bathroom

Having a functionally obsolete screwed-up floor plan definitely will be hard to rent or sell. You can fix them and make them functional, but why would you when there are so many houses that don’t need to be fixed to overcome the undesirable houses?

Houses with LOW CEILINGS in Each Room

Low ceilings are definitely a NO SELL and will be hard to rent and will be Too Expensive to fix. Finding a house with this problem is a house you need to quickly walk away from.

Houses That Need Major Structural Repairs.

Why buy a house that needs major structural work done to it when there are thousands of other houses that you won’t need to spend that much time and money to fix? These houses are definitely something beginning investors won’t want to tackle.

Houses That Are Over-Priced No Matter Where They Are.

Only a fool would pay more for a house than it is worth unless they plan to live in the property. If you over-pay for a house there is no room for a profit. So why would you buy that house in the first place when there are so many that are not over-priced?

Houses on Dead-End Streets in Older Parts of Town without a Cul-de-Sac

These houses aren’t particularly popular with most home-buyers who can qualify for a loan. These are houses that are located where they get less city attention for maintenance.

Houses with Wet Basements

These houses have a large amount of wasted space that will be conducive to constant mold problems and will also create other problems with the house because of the moisture attracting termites and salamanders. Musty houses are always hard to rent or sell.

Houses with Very Small Back Yards

A house with a small back yard will always be less attractive to most families who want a place for the family to barbeque, eat and a place for the children to play or a place to put a pool. Stay away from small back yard houses.

Houses Located On a Dirt Road Within a City

Houses located on unpaved streets within a city are not only far less desirable, they will be nearly impossible to rent or sell because of the dirt blowing every time a car passes. Dead end streets are always less maintained than any through street.

Houses Located Close to a Sewage Disposal Plant

Needless to say – the smell will be the deterrent and will be difficult to rent or sell.

Houses Located Near a Garbage Dump or a Garbage Transfer Station

Houses next to a garbage dump or a garbage transfer station will be extremely difficult to rent or sell because of garbage trucks coming and going all hours of the day and night and these places attract rats, rodents of all kinds and the smell will definitely not be acceptable to any qualified buyer or renter.

I hope you now have a better idea of some of the houses you don’t want to own that will be hard to sell or rent and making a profit will be far more impossible to do.

Happy investing


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