Atlanta REIA Business Member Spotlight: Aaron McGinnis with Craftbuilt

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Anyone who has been to one of the Atlanta REIA monthly general  meetings has probably seen the Craftbuilt booth – they ‘re the company with the projector showing a picture montage of houses in various states of repair and disrepair. So who is Craftbuilt? They’re an Atlanta based Design-Build construction firm that serves the entire Metro  Atlanta area.  They have a full complement of crews, support, and logistical staff working full time on anywhere from eight to fifteen plus renovation and build projects at a time.  Craftbuilt handles simple  paint and carpet jobs for rental houses that would be lucky to sell for 40K all the way up to multimillion dollar houses.  being  Lead RRP certified, Craftbuilt specializes in old houses – the kind we see a lot of in the Atlanta real estate market. Their experienced in-house crews have tackled just about every problem you’re likely to find in the Residential market.  Their in-house design team has successfully developed upscale projects that have sold after just a few short days on the market. Whether you’re tackling a simple flip or a one of a kind historic renovation, Craftbuilt is there to make sure that the house is maximizing its potential.

 With heavy emphasis on logistics and scheduling, Craftbuilt runs a coordination back end system called BuilderTREND;  an online collaborative program that handles the client scheduling, communications, change orders, material selections, and more . This means that if you’re running one project or ten projects with Craftbuilt, your paperwork is kept to a minimum and keeping tabs on job flow and progress is easy as logging in to the client system.

Craftbuilt is a fully licensed construction firm.  Says Craftbuilt’s Managing Director, Aaron McGinnis, “There’s a real lack of consumer education available right now so it is important to understand what it means when you hear the term, “fully licensed”. Typically  If you ask a contractor, “are you licensed?” and they say “yes”, there’s an unfortunate probability that what they mean is “I have a business license” and what you meant was, “Do you have a contractor’s license?”  The good news is that there’s an easy way to tell. Simply go to type in the person’s name and take a minute to verify that they have the right license. If their name isn’t on that website, they aren’t licensed and you’re taking a real risk hiring them for any kind of significant work. Always beware of a contractor who doesn’t want to pull permits, or worse still asks you to pull the permit – it means they aren’t licensed and are trying to get away with making you take more risk than you should!”

Craftbuilt:  Support – Experience –Investor pricing. Whether you’re getting a house ready for rent, building on speculation, or taking on a historic renovation in Candler Park, give them a call for your next project! Contact Craftbuilt at 404-788-3625 or visit them on the web at

If you’re in business to the real estate segment, you’ve got to be there to see there!

As the old saying goes, if you are not visible to your market, you’re invisible to potential clients. Consider this; if you own a business that could benefit from a new segment of active clients in the re-emerging Metro Atlanta market then you should probably associated with AREIA.  For more info, go to the main website and navigate to the VENDORS tab.  You may also call or email me today to receive a free report, “20 Ways to Get Your Business Involved with Atlanta REIA”.

Jeff NixJeff Nix is a founding member of Atlanta REIA and serves as Director of Business Membership. Jeff is also the owner/operator of Atlanta Carpet Services, Inc. whom has been serving the real estate community throughout Metro Atlanta for over 20 years. Jeff has also been serving in the Air Force Reserves since 1981 and is an active real estate investor with a self-managed portfolio of single family homes.

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