The Secret Weapon in Real Estate Marketing is Now… (Part 3)

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Welcome back to part 3 of this exciting article series about Video Marketing!

Quick refresher of what was in parts 1 & 2: Everyone is online watching videos these days. They’re using their computers, laptops, tablets,  and smartphones. When they’re looking for the information they want, you’ll stand out and get the business if you can effectively attract and engage them with your videos.  If you can’t, good luck!

You got an example of how to use video marketing to sell houses (in part 1).

In part 2, we discussed how to create videos, different types of videos, and what to say in your videos. Shoot, I even gave you a couple of great script outlines & examples for you to use!

So if we’re now on the same page, let’s move on…

In this article, I’m going to cover the last main steps of what you need to do with your videos:

Optimize, Upload, and Promote them. Then I’ll set you free upon the world to have fun!

Uploading Your Videos

Assuming that you’ve done the homework & at least have a video or two ready at this point, it’s now time to get your video uploaded to a site where anyone with internet access can actually SEE it.  In case you didn’t know, UPLOADING means taking a FILE that’s on your computer/tablet/smartphone and transferring it to an online server/website where you (or others) can have access to it when you want.

When it comes to uploading a VIDEO file to the internet, there are many choices of where you can upload it. If you have your own web host or rented server space (i.e. Amazon), you can place the file there. Or you can choose to upload it to an online video web hosting site.  In fact, I bet you’re already familiar with one of the most popular sites out there: YouTube!

Before you even say to yourself: “This is too haaaaarrdd and complicated!”  Let me ask you something: Have you SEEN some of the videos on YouTube? Do you think those people who upload videos on there are rocket scientists… or people who have graduated from an Ivy League College with a degree in Computer Science?  Answer: $&!^ NO!!  There are actual MORONS who upload videos to YouTube every single day.  The sad truth is that these are some of the most popular videos out there… so what does that say about our society?

Before I go down that road, I’ll just say this:

Uploading Videos to YouTube is SO Easy! Here’s How…

Ok, the first thing you’ll need to do to upload a video to YouTube is:

Create a Google Account. If you already have Gmail, you’re good to go.  If not, go make one.  To do this, you’ll just need to go to:  or just

Next, just pop on over to and sign up for your free account there. Use your Gmail account.  Once you’ve done that, just click on the little link at the top right that says ‘Upload’ (It’s next to the Search Bar). Of course, you can also just go straight to:

TIP: Don’t get distracted by all the bright, shiny buttons. You can play with those later.

Now, before you upload your video, it’s important to do ONE thing to optimize it first: Change the TITLE of your video!  What should you change the title of your video to? It depends!  What KEYWORD would you like it to rank for? What is your video about?  In fact, before we go any further uploading your video, we might as well talk about…

Optimizing Your Videos

Ok, I know you’ve been asking yourself, “What the bleep does “Optimizing” your video mean?”  So allow me to answer that deep-burning question for you: Optimizing your video means that you do all the little things that will help you get your video SEEN by the right people at the right time.  It means that you do things like: TITLE your video properly. TAG your video, too (we’ll get in to that in a second). Give your video a good DESCRIPTION. Throw a LINK or two in there.  Things like that, so your video gets seen.  Make sense?

For example, if you just made a video that shows off the 3 bedroom, 2 bath house you want to sell on owner financing in Norcross, GA, you might want to include those keywords in your title, tag lines, and description, right? Don’t just leave these things to chance, or it’s just not even worth it.

So, before you even upload your video, go ahead & change the TITLE of the video to reflect the best keyword.  Then UPLOAD it by simply dragging & dropping it into that Youtube window you just opened up.  As your video is uploading, go ahead & click on the TAG field and start throwing in as many keywords & keyword variations that you can, each one separated by a comma.

Next, go to the DESCRIPTION section and write a nice, long & healthy description about what your video is about. It can be up to 5,000 words (I believe), so feel free to write as much as you like. Just be sure to slap in your keywords here and there. Oh, and if you have a website, you should put a link in there for your site as well. Make sure it’s the full site link, including the http:// part. Also make sure that the little dropdown menu says “Public” before you upload your video…Unless it’s a personal, “private” video that you don’t want anyone else to see for whatever reason (I’ll leave that part to you to figure out why lol).

Now, before you feel like it all has to be perfect before you do any of this stuff, I’ll just say: KEEP CALM. Everything is going to be all right.  Even if you totally screw all this stuff up, you can always change it later! Yes! YouTube can actually be very forgiving. (thank God!)

All you’d need to do is click on the magic ‘Edit’ button and make the changes you need/want to make later.

Promoting Your Videos

Next up is how to Promote Your Videos.  There’s quite a lot you can do, actually. Believe it or not, if you’ve already done what I told you to do so far, you’re a LONG way in the direction you need to be. That’s right, by properly OPTIMIZING your videos, you’ll already be promoting them quite a bit. Uploading your video to YouTube also helps, because it’s owned by Google, and if it’s done right, your video will eventually show up on the first (or second) page of Google when people search for those keywords!  Cool, right? (Maybe I shouldn’t have told you that…)

You can also: Put the link to your video on your website (HUGE!); Pay for some YouTube ads; and paste your video link on as many related websites that you can.  Those are some really basic & simple things you can do to promote your video and get you started.

Now, there are a few more secrets that I have that will really, REALLY blow this whole video marketing thing up like fireworks on the 4th of July!  But hey, I can’t give you all my secrets in these short articles, can I?  Feel free to contact me for more info if you want to learn more.

Or you can always look up more stuff… on YouTube.

All righty then! This concludes our awesome three-part article series about how to use the incredibly powerful new secret weapon in marketing: Videos! 

Recapping What You’ve Learned:  

You learned WHY videos are so important these days (people looking for information);

WHO is watching them (everyone, including your prospects);

WHERE they’re watching these videos (everywhere, including the bathroom);

WHAT they’re looking for (the information that YOU can provide them);

WHEN they’re watching videos (when are they NOT?); and…

HOW YOU can take advantage of this powerful tool to help promote your business, get more prospects & leads, and therefore, make more money (and have fun doing it).

With all that out of the way, I now feel better saying this to you:

Go out and have some fun making videos to promote yourself & your business!

See you next month!

To Your Success,

Tony Pearl

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