Techniques To Find Motivated Buyers For Your Real Estate Investing Business

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There are so many easy ways to find motivated buyers for your real estate investing business, no matter what your current market is doing. I have several favorite methods for locating buyers for my properties which I would like to share with you.

The first technique I would suggest is using wholesale buyers for those properties you want to sell quickly. Finding wholesale buyers for your real estate investing business is fairly easy. You can either run a simple ad in the newspaper or on Craigslist advertising properties for sale on a wholesale basis to draw wholesale buyers or you can find wholesale buyers at your local real estate club.

I also suggest finding wholesale buyers through local realtors, especially those who deal with bank REOs or foreclosure properties. Wholesale buyers are always interested in finding properties to grow their real estate investing business and wholesaling properties is a good way for a real estate investor to get cash coming in immediately. Another simple way to find wholesale buyers is to simply call on the signs by the side of the road that say “We Buy Houses”.

I also suggest finding wholesale retail buyers, or buyers for your properties who will be end users who don’t mind doing some fix up to a property in order to gain equity. This is called a “work for equity program”. It is very simple to find these buyers as well. You can advertise in the paper, on Craigslist or by simply using signage that says you have a “fixer upper” for sale by advertising something like “earn equity” or “work for equity”. I have successfully sold many properties using just this technique in my own real estate investing business. The trick to success with this technique is buying properties cheaply enough that there is a lot of equity left for you, the real estate investor so you can share some of that equity with your buyer.

You can also use the round robin approach to find motivated buyers for your properties as well. This technique is quickly growing in popularity among real estate investors because it works. I have used this technique in my real estate investing business for many years, even before it became a very common and popular way to sell properties quickly. We even use it when we lease/option properties.

Using a round robin auction technique, you get to pick the date you want to sell your property or lease/option your property and you pretty much get to pick the price range the property will sell for. This is a very effective technique for the real estate investor to use to “shake out” a lot of interest in a property they have for sale. This is actually one of my favorite ways to sell houses and I have used this method successfully many times in my real estate career. Even when a round robin auction doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to, it still has a tendency to bring a lot of “new blood” to the bargaining table which makes it a lot easier to sell a property quickly. This method is also excellent for assisting in helping the real estate investor build their buyers list by making sure everyone who attends the round robin auction signs in and leaves their information when they arrive at the auction, along with information about the kind of property they are looking for. Now when you have another property come up for sale, you have a buyer’s list to choose from.

We also use Realtors in our business to creatively sell properties for us. We are also able to negotiate a reduced rate on commissions since we buy and sell a lot of properties. Very often Realtors will be working with investors who are looking for a property just like the one you have for sale.

Kathy KennebrookKathy Kennebrook is a speaker, author and has been actively investing in real estate since 1999, Kathy currently resides in Bradenton, FL and is known as the “Marketing Magic Lady” because she is the country’s leading real estate marketing expert on finding motivated sellers using direct mail.

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