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Small Business AdvisorYou’ve heard her at the monthly meetings, “I’m Karen Bershad and I am the Small Business Advisor!” Karen’s firm has been a business member with Atlanta REIA since it started and has been helping small businesses and their owners for almost 20 years.  The past eight years however have been tailored to the specialized services for the Real Estate Investment industry.  With 40 years of business experience in the area of ownership, management and a wide variety of other lessons learned, Karen Bershad provides a unique outlook on how businesses need to have their “back office” running smoothly.

Most entrepreneurs don’t give it much thought, but as your business grows, it faces issues unrelated to producing the goods and services it sells. This inevitable trilogy of headaches includes legal, accounting and marketing decisions. Certainly life would be simpler if you could call in your accountant, your lawyer or whoever handles the marketing whenever the need arises.

But if your small business is like most, you probably cannot afford to call on expensive professionals whenever you would like. You would like to be able to handle many of these issues as possible on your own. You went into business to provide a product or service to your clientele and are good at what you do. It is the paperwork, bookkeeping, proposals, etc. that bog you down.

The Small Business Advisor is what you need to get you to the next level of your business. Karen and her team have staff Certified Pro-Advisors for QuickBooks and Independent Associates for LegalShield to assist you with your everyday events in running your business. They educate you on how different tools, applications and memberships may provide the service you need for your business. The Small Business Advisor has relationships with an extensive group of other service providers to assist clients with solving business issues. Some of Karen’s business service & support offerings include:

  • Assistance with providing Solutions and Tools for:
    • Customer Loyalty Programs
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Resolving Business Issues
    • Temporary Staffing
  • Small Business Seminars for business owners                         
    • Business Basics“You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know… About Running A Business”
    • Training for a number of small business owners and industry organizations
    • QuickBooks for Specific Industries —Boot camp type training classes for Real Estate Investors, Brokers and Agents.
    • Organizing skills— how to organize yourself in your business based on “your style”
  • Accounts Receivable Collection Program
    • Training your in-house personnel how to properly collect A/R
  • Administrative services including the following areas:
    • QuickBooks® Pro 2012, 2013& 2014 (Certified Pro-Advisor Trainer)
    • Data management – on site or off site
    • Installation and Training for your in-house personnel to do data entry

For more information on what the Small Business Advisor can do for your business, contact Karen Bershad at 770-356-1234, or visit the website at  

Find out today if your business qualifies and if you can benefit from associating with Atlanta’s most progressive real estate investors.  Call or email me today to receive a free report, “20 Ways to Get Your Business Involved with Atlanta REIA”.

Jeff NixJeff Nix is a founding member of Atlanta REIA and serves as Director of Business Membership. Jeff is also the owner/operator of Atlanta Carpet Services, Inc. whom has been serving the real estate community throughout Metro Atlanta for over 20 years. Jeff has also been serving in the Air Force Reserves since 1981 and is an active real estate investor with a self-managed portfolio of single family homes.

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