Turn Your TRASH Into CASH – How to Make More Money by Selling The Leads You Get… Even if You Don’t Buy The House! – Part 2

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In Part One of this Article, we discussed what most people do with leads, a typical wholesale deal, and a few reasons why you might NOT buy a house. And just when things were getting good & was about to reveal how to STILL make money even when you DON’T do the deal, I had to leave you hanging and make you wait until this part of the article came out to reveal the secret. Sorry about that.  :)

But here’s where it gets interesting.  So keep reading, won’t you?

Typically, if you can’t get a deal negotiated with a seller (usually because they don’t want to accept your low, wholesale price offer), you’d be stuck. You’d either throw the lead in the trash, or you’d ask them if it would be ok to call them back in a few weeks to see how things are going, then remind them of your offer to buy at your low price.  Yeah, sometimes you’d get those offers accepted.  Sometimes.

So what do you do if you still want to profit on this deal that you’ve already spent some time on?

Here’s your answer.  Are you ready?  Good…

You Will Simply SELL This Lead!!

Wait… What? Sell The Lead?  That’s right! Sell it.

Your First Question:WHY on earth would someone want to BUY a lead from me, when I couldn’t do anything with it myself?”

Simple. Because there are quite a few businesses out there who would still benefit from working with this person. It still qualifies as a LEAD to other businesses, even if its worthless to you now.

Your Next Question: WHO the heck would buy these leads from me?”

The answer is obvious.  You want to sell that lead to someone who would still get some value out of it for their business.

So You’d SELL That Lead to ONE, Several, or ALL of These:

  • A Realtor
  • A Contractor
  • Another Investor
  • Or anyone else you can think of that would benefit (e.g. handyman, painter, pest control company, electrician, plumber, mover, loan officer, landscaper, etc.).

Let’s Start With Realtors… Realtors who work with this type of seller and/or property will gladly LIST that property on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), then sit back & wait for a few offers to come in, then pick up their commission check for it! These people have to advertise, so why not pay YOU a few bucks for a qualified, prescreened, and polished lead that they don’t have to work to get?

These Realtors will GLADLY pay you: $50 – $100 – Even $500 for leads like this!

What about Contractors?  Contractors rely on leads, just like any other business. They have to do things to bring these leads in, or they don’t have a business. Yes, they have to advertise… and that usually means spending money.

So why wouldn’t they be delighted to pay YOU to sell them a pre-qualified lead, where they get to go in and pitch their services?  That seller may or may not hire them… But at least they’ll have a solid estimate for the repairs their house needs. They can use that repair estimate for all kinds of things. Who knows? Maybe the contractor will actually get the business for themselves?

These Contractors will Happily Pay you: $50-$100 – up to $200 for these leads.

Starting to see the light?  I thought so.

Then there are Other Investors. Yeah, you may have blown the deal yourself. You can’t get them to sell to you. But maybe it’s because you just didn’t present it properly. Maybe you suck at negotiation. Maybe they weren’t ready to sell, or – excuse me for being blunt – maybe they just didn’t want to sell to YOU!

Hey, it happens! I’ve been on both ends of the situation.

So don’t take it personally… Get even!  Rather, make money instead. Sell the lead to another local investor who’s willing to pay you something for it, and let them take a crack at the deal themselves. If they’re good, they might get the deal. Then, all you have to do is work out a deal with them to get paid!

Investors will pay you: $25-$50 – Even up to $500+ for these leads.

In some cases, they might not pay you up front for it, but they’ll pay you a sweet finder’s fee if they buy the house (at least $500), and you know what they say: “Something is better than nothing!”

Now Your Question Is: “Ok. It makes sense! But HOW do I sell these leads?” Good question! 

I’m happy to answer that question for you, but… you’ll have to wait until NEXT month’s issue! (I know, I know.)

So be sure to read next month’s issue of this publication, when I’ll share with you some super-secret insider tips on HOW to sell these leads for maximum profit & minimum hassle. As always, this will be some great stuff, so don’t miss out!

Until Next Time,

Tony Pearl

Tony PearlTony Pearl is an entrepreneur, copywriter, proud father, mentor, marketing consultant and talented teacher who resides in the Washington, DC area. He has traveled to over 26 countries, speaks 4 languages, and continues to travel extensively. He has been a professional Ballroom and Latin dance instructor, competitor, and exhibitor for over 19 years. As a Real Estate Investor, Tony has bought and sold over Ten Million dollars worth of real estate, and has been educated by and associates with the best.

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