Squeeze Page Madness! A Quick Guide to Setting Up Your First Squeeze Page – Part 1

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What the heck is a Squeeze Page? And why should you care?

Ok, so there’s this whole “thing” called Internet Marketing. All the kids are doing it these days. The thing is… it works! And one of the neat things that work in Internet Marketing is Squeeze Pages, because they get you LEADS for your business…BIG Time!

I wrote this article because a lot of people have been asking me lately about what’s working in the world of internet marketing to help real estate investors get more leads from the internet. When I ask them if they have any Squeeze Pages up, they either give me a blank stare or silence. Or both.

So if that’s you, then this article is for you & people like you – people who have very little to no knowledge or experience in the powerful yet confusing world of internet marketing.  Trust me, it’s very, very easy to get lost down this rabbit hole. I’ll save my story for another day.

In this article, I’m going to briefly cover the simple basics, like:

What a Squeeze Page is, what it’s used for, why it works so well, and the simple format that works best.

After that, you’ll learn the basic things you’ll need in order to get your squeeze page up and running, collecting buyer & seller leads for you on autopilot in your target market!

Finally, I’ll give you the hook-up on where you can get your happy hands on a FREE Squeeze Page Builder! So keep reading…

Sound good? Great! Let’s get started…

What is a Squeeze Page?

A Squeeze Page is a simple page on a website that is designed to “squeeze” some basic information from the page visitor in exchange for getting something of a high perceived value from the website owner.

This could be in the form of a written “Special Report” (like the one you’re reading now), or a video that promises to teach them something worthwhile, or to promise to add the visitor to a special “VIP” list, or something else.

This is called many things, including “Link Bait,” “Link Magnet,” “Free Giveaway,” “Lead Generation Report,” etc.

The idea is that you give away that Lead Generation Report in exchange for the visitor’s email address (at a minimum), and (optionally) name and/or phone number.

Be aware that the LESS information you ask for from the visitor, the MORE people will give it to you. In other words, if you ask for a lot of information from the visitor without having a relationship with them first, the fewer people will give it to you.

For example, if you only ask for their email address on your squeeze page, you can expect a lot more people to give it to you! The tradeoff is that you may get a lower-quality list because your barrier of entrance was so low.

If you ask for the person’s name, email, and phone number, you’ll get fewer people, but they may be more interested in what you have to say/offer, because they have more ‘invested.’

Another key term: “Opt in.” That’s what it’s called when someone gives you their information in exchange for your Link Bait. Yes, you want more opt-ins.

For local businesses, an example of something they could offer to their website visitors to get them to opt in would be: A coupon/discount on their products/services, or the opportunity to get on their list so that they can receive special offers or promotions, etc.

For example, a local restaurant could offer a free dessert or appetizer in exchange for the person’s name & email address.  Yes, get a FREE DESSERT for giving up your email address!!

One important thing to keep in mind about a Squeeze Page is the simplicity of it. When a visitor comes to the page, they really only have 2 choices: Opt in or get out! In other words, they’ll either get your special report or leave. And if they leave, they’re obviously not interested in what you’re offering (at the time), so they’re not the person to whom you should be talking.

That’s all the time we have for you this month, kids! Be sure to join us next month, when I’ll share some more great Squeeze Page Madness with you, including things like:

  • Why Do Businesses Use Squeeze Pages & Why Are They So Powerful?
  • What Should a Squeeze Page Look Like?
  • How Should One Be Set Up?
  • …And Oh, So Much More!

In the meantime, if you just can’t wait to get started on this stuff, I’ll go ahead & share a GREAT resource with you now…

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Until Next Month,

Tony Pearl

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