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Are you doing absolutely everything in your Wholesaling business? Are you driving for dollars, writing your own letters, stuffing your own envelopes, building your own websites, creating your own flyers, taking the calls from sellers, inspecting the properties, getting them under contract, then posting the properties online, pitching them at meetings, showing the properties to investors, etc? Whew – that’s a lot of stuff eh??

Well if you are doing absolutely everything on your own, it’s time to stop! There is help out there. And yes – there is a balancing act: “do I do it myself” or “do I pay someone else to do it”??? Naturally there are some things you will want to do on your own – mainly talking with motivated sellers, making offers, and then getting the deal sold to other investors. So how can you get to where those are the ONLY things you have to do? There’s a lot of other stuff right?


Well the marketing is obviously important – probably the most important thing. There are services out there that can do your marketing for you. Namely letter writing services like www.YellowLetter.com and companies like that. They will create either Yellow Letters or Postcards to send out and they will mail it for you. You just need to provide the list. I believe you can buy lists from them as well. And there are plenty of other list providers out there – do your research. So if you get a list and send it to YellowLetters.com now that part of your marketing is done. Sit back and wait for the phone to start ringing.


You could also outsource your call answering or your return calls by hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) to handle this for you. You can either set up a voice mail service where the person leaves their info and then have the VA call them back OR there are live call answering services like “VoiceNation” and “PATlive”. Those services you can provide with call scripts which tell them what questions to ask when the people call in. This screens the motivated sellers with the tire kickers (people who aren’t that motivated just want to see what you would offer). At this point now you are only dealing with the motivated sellers and in the Making Offers phase (revenue generating activity!).


There are many other ways to utilize outsourcing in your Wholesaling business. Go to www.Fivver.com and you will find all kinds of great services you can use for as little as $5! I have used them I feel like 100’s of times for little jobs:

  • Logo Creation
  • Website help
  • Flyer design
  • Data Entry
  • Internet Research
  • Transcription
  • Formatting files
  • Creating marketing videos
  • Website/blog content
  • Photoshop work
  • Social Media help
  • And on and on and on!

Bottom line is, if you are not good at this stuff, don’t do it because it will take you hours sometimes and you will want to pull your hair out.

Another thing you can do is actually just hire a real assistant. It could be a college student, it could be somebody looking for part time work, but you can more than likely find somebody for $10/hr – and have them work 20 hours a week for you doing the things you don’t want to do or don’t have the time to do. Like managing all these things we’ve mentioned above. Another big time killer is going to look at properties – you can have your assistant do it and take pictures and send them to you. This alone could save your tons of time.

So it all comes down to what your time is worth and as a Wholesaler, I would say your time is worth at least $50/hr. If you are on a tight budget, I know it’s tempting to do it all yourself, but just start gradually outsourcing these things more and more and then your time will really become more effective and valuable. Then you will eventually get to the point where you don’t have to spend much time on this at all! Can’t wait for that right? Advice – go read the book “The eMyth” and then start to create systems that work for you instead of you working. That’s how you create a real business that can eventually run without you which is how you build true freedom and wealth. OK – off to it.

Feel free to check out our site www.HowToWholesaling.com for tips, advice, and a free course on Wholesaling and getting into the biz. Good luck!

Matt LarsenMatt Larsen started buying and selling real estate in October 2012. In the last few months, he and his wife Courtney have done over 40 wholesale deals with no prior real estate investing experience, very little cash and none of their own credit. Now they are both full time real estate investors, work on their own schedule and report only to each other.

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