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Jon and Stephanie IannottiMy wife Stephanie and I have been doing Creative Real Estate Deals for over 30 years. In fact we have done close to 2,000 of them with none of our own money or credit.

We have mentored hundreds of students across the country and Canada. We love to teach what we do to others and our reward is watching them succeed.

Well, back in 2007 the market started turning down and we all know about the Greatest Recession of all times that followed. We quickly found that a lot of the techniques we were using suddenly were not working anymore. So we created a technique that we actually had used since we started investing and named it ACT, or Agreeable Contract Terms.

With ACT, we were able to get sellers to give us terms or pricing that was agreeable to us right up front. This worked for about 2 ½ years. Then in 2012, the market started changing again. It became more of a retail market. Have you talked to a seller lately? I bet they want ‘CASH, Full Retail, or More than Retail’ for their home, right? Well, we are seeing this across the country.

So how do you deal with Sellers that want retail or more? You ‘REACT’ the deal! What does REACT stand for? Reverse Engineered Agreeable Contract Terms.

We decided instead of walking away from the seller who wants full retail or more cash, we would give him what he wants. After all, he wants to sell right?

We took the concept from the Private Money guys. Their motto is, “get the deal, the money will come.” So we say the same thing, “Just Get the Contract”, then determine the deal according to what funding you get. You may find all the cash, use a loan, or a tenant/buyer. If need be you renegotiate with the seller to make what funding you found work with for deal.

REACT has been working great! So we thought we would marry the two programs together.


We have been behind the scenes creating product ideas for other Gurus for so long, that we decided that model of selling information to students just enough to get them to buy the next product was just not right. So we made the decision to break away from the other Gurus and do what is right. Quit selling them the Fluff and give them the Stuff they can use now in today’s market to make money.

You know, the beauty of the CATS program is that it will work in an Up, Down or Sideways market! No need to keep buying expensive programs. Just one time cost of CATS and you are on your way!

Can it be this simple? You mean I don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get all of this information? Yes it is that simple and no you don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars.

Boy the Gurus don’t like when we say that, and they really don’t like the idea that their ‘Meal Ticket’ when it comes to new innovative ideas is not working with them anymore. Oh well!

Our loyalty is to our Student/Members. Notice I said ‘Student/Members’. Just what does that mean? It means that our Students are also Members of our System. We work closely with our Student/Members on deals they are working if they meet our criteria. We profit share on the deals we work together with them.

This gives them the ability to see how the deal flow goes from start to finish while they are building their own business. This is the goal. We want them to build their own business.

We also offer Mentoring/Coaching for our Student/Members. I guess this is our only ‘upsell’ that we have. However, we have found over the years of teaching that this is the fastest way to become successful. Also we like to say, “Success is mandatory, Failure is unacceptable.”

Remember, that CATS can work in any kind of market. A very simple technique that is making a very large number of people large amounts of money. Oh did I mention that this past December, which is typically a slow month wherever you are, one of our Student/Members made over $70,000?!?!

So, we look forward to meeting you at the next meeting and hope you take away some valuable information from us. We welcome the opportunity for you to also become Student/Members of the CATS Team.

To Your Success & See You at the Top,

Jon Iannotti


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