The Ice Man Is Coming and He Will Freeze Your Pipes

Posted on January 8, 2015 by

Gordon CattsAtlanta Houses are not designed to handle sustained temperatures in low single digits. With low temperatures and higher winds the wind chill over the next several days will be brutal.

If you have vacant houses you might consider antifreeze in the traps, drain water lines where you can and drip faucets.

Even occupied homes with the heat on are not immune to frozen pipes.

Years ago after a severe cold spell I had a bucket full of short lengths of split copper pipes. We had cut them out of my houses when we repaired the “frozen pipes”. The problem is not when they freeze, it’s when they thaw.

Today I will be purchasing twenty five dollar portable electric space heaters and ceramic tiles to set them on. I will be making sure that cabinet doors in kitchens and baths are open. I will tape notes on the cabinets reminding folks not to close them. The note will be taped on such that in order to close the door the note will have to be moved. I will make sure that laundry rooms have adequate heat and that doors are open. I will use space heaters where necessary.

Anywhere that plumbing is in an outside wall I will be sure to drip the faucets.

Remember to be very careful with space heaters you do not want a fire. I will place space heaters on the ceramic tiles I purchase. I do not want to place a heater on carpet, vinyl or wood.


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